Thursday, July 05, 2007


Just saw in Rene's blog that she is getting .5 mth bonus.. so good right, can spend off. Haiz.. I just got a month bonus and the $200 GST credit in June but I cannot anyhow spend leh, so sad. Must save up lor.

Well, if i ever (that is.. if I EVER) move to TW, I can't work for the first 2 or 3 years. That means I will be sitting there, spending my savings.. Yah, I know that if I got married then the husband should be giving my housekeeping $$ but the average gross pay in TW is much less than SG. I am afraid that it will be quite tough to have a sole breadwinner in a family. He will have to work extra hard. Hence I got to save abit of money..

Also, I am thinking that if I move to TW, it means that I do not need to buy house (taiwanese men have the habit of buying houses on their own). I am thinking that I should buy a flat here too. Just a 3-room flat. In case if i got divorced, I can move back.. (touch wood) hee hee..

Getting a flat means saving more $$$.. wah lau eah.. sian like hell.

And I got so many things that I want to buy.. HP (N95) cost $868 now, hair pcs.. costumes.. all cost hundreds.. so how?

1 month bonus plus $200 is not enuf.. must wait for year end de 2+ months bonus.. haiz.. sian like hell. got money also sian.. no money also sian.. got money cannot spend is SUPER SIAN!


Anonymous said...

compromise la. dot buy too much. hp dot buy so high-end; hairpc buy 2-3 rather than 10 (eg); cst buy 1-2......

me lately also pc like hell. v broke. dot kw why so pathetic. haiz. xj

Theresa Lin said...

hahah... ur last few line very funny leh... hehe...
Why can't work for the first 2 or 3yrs in TW?

Miko said...

xj: I am very jialat cuz I am a very techy person. I just love hi-tech stuff. If I were to buy a low tech hp, then i rather not buy at all. that's the bad side of studying Multimedia.. Haiz.. I just love all these gadgets as much as I love hair pcs. Jialat right.. :(

if got money i want to buy HD TV, BLue ray DVD player.. (i think too much liao)

Actually I didn't buy hair pcs for some time le.. I think the last time I bought was in Feb ba..

PJ: YX go check it out le.. he say those people who married to tw or moved to tw for whatever reasons must stay in tw for 3 years before working leh. sian. I can be 'shao nai nai'..