Thursday, July 26, 2007


Boring boring.. Nothing to blog liao.. Oh yah, today went for rehearsal for the first scene, kick ball.

It's so good to have live music and the kick ball scene is much lively with Teacher Liu playing drums.

We went to the Singapore dance ensemble to rehearse kick ball because we asked for some students there to help to do the dance. The students were not opera trained and well, they lack of the feel.

I think the girls doing the kick ball were very rigid and robotic, not soft enough. I think there is nothing much uncle lim can teach le. At least they remembered all the moves.

However, Uncle lim put alot of efforts in training the ball holder. The ball holder is very important but the 2 students we had were still very blur about the role. They cannot do the 'liang xiang' properly though teacher told them a few times how to do it.

Hopefully they can master it by 11 Aug ba.

By the way, I received my 'chinese drama' lines le. My god, quite long lines and I have to explained the story of li ya xian in chinese. This is the first time I am doing 'hua ju' and I am rather nervous. Like very weird lor. Awhile is 'gu dai' awhile is 'shi dai'. Very luan.

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