Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Turn of events

Note: Someone say my story no kick so I edited this post and republished it.

Version 1.2

Due to a turn of events, I decided to put a halt to my previous story and start off a new story. This story is about Country A, B and C.

Country A used to be a normal country, not rich, not poor. He worked hard to be a strong country and after some efforts, managed to see some results. Slowly, A decided to expand itself and build up some population. A needed the citizens to help him build up a powerful kingdom.

Country B was near to Country A and they were good friends. Seeing that Country A was doing well, Country B decided to follow A and asked to alliance with it. Country A agreed and so A helped B to build up it's kingdom. And so, they progress together in peace and supported each other's country when in need. They share the fruits of their labour harmoniously.

Soon, due to some unknown reason, Country C decided to alliance with A and B. Maybe Coutnry C saw that A and B are doing well and hope to share their fruits of labour? Or maybe A and B wanted C's help to build up their nation. The reason will be a mystery forever. Anyway, C decided to join in the Alliance. A and B opened arms to welcome C. The citizens of all 3 countries lived in peace and harmony.

Slowly, Country B and C became good friends. They helped each other alot and think of many ways to make their kingdoms stronger. C has very strong opnions and it always stick to it's view. It wanted it's country to move up regardless of whatsoever. C and A constantly have arguments as A do not see things the same way as C. C felt that A was hindering it's progress.

One day, B and C realised that in order to make their kingdom stronger, they have to get rid of A. Although getting rid of A will means that A will no longer support them, they decided to get rid of it along with all the immigrants from A who are residing in their country.

C, being the strong opinion one, took charge of things and ally with B to attack A. War broke out and with 2 countries against one, A gave up and broke the alliance with the other 2. B and C then forced the citizens of A who are staying in their country to get out. The citizens wanted to go back to Country A but Country A was badly hurt during the war. It can no longer support such a big population. A needs to rebuild it's country to feed it's current population. Finally, these people left Country A, B and C to look for better life in other countries.

~~~~ End of Story ~~~~

如有雷同 纯属巧合


Joucads said...

So fast end of story. No kick ley. can you at least try a little harder! :P

Miko said...

-_-" What kind of kick you want?

I am so sorry. I will try harder! :D

melmeowz said...

the PPL can always move to country D,if D not nice move to E,.

melmeowz said...

Jon was a happy man living by his own.Was doing fine until one day he met mary(obiang name >.<).. They live together and have 3 kids.though sometimes they might quarrel.but problems wil always be solved. Lulu,(mary's sis) was lonely so she wanted to join her sister when they go pak toh. So Jon and mary end up always go out with lulu. They were happy too..but soon .Jon realise he feels more happy with lulu, then he decided to divorce with mary.

melmeowz said...

part 2:
then the children duno where to go. mummy was too sad to see the children.and jon only wan to be with lulu all times.

a tragic love story will suit joucads more right -mel

Miko said...

very innovative~ Joucads want to contribute your story or not?

Joucads said...

To suit the way of the audience, joucads shall now compose the all powerful final version of this tragic love and war story.

Here goes:

>_<; silence...


There were once three little pigs living in a cottage together. Although these 3 piglets were different in characters, their bonds for each other always help them in ironing out their differences.

However, as time passes by each piglet matured to be macho pigs.
They began to form ideas about how they will decorate the cottage which they live in.

Being the more experience one, Macho Pig Anha felt that a cottage is never a house even if the funiture are ultra flashy. However, being young and full of ideals, Macho Pig Kiln and Macho Pig Super wanted more than just a simple cottage. Dissension soon filled this once cosy cottage and tension is obvious. Macho Pig Kilm and Macho Pig Super, in order to get what they want, they decided to chase away Macho Pig Anha. So one day, while Macho Pig Anha was bathing, Macho Pig Kilm and Macho Pig Super secretly take away Macho Pig Anha's clothes and kicked him out of the cottage.

Kongming said...

this remind me of something...

Once upon the time in the ancient provicine of China, there was 3 people. Mr Cao Mengde, Sun Zhong mou and Liu Xuande.

Mr Liu and Sun are good friends, decided to ally with each other. Cao found that the alliance is very good and decided to join them.

Years later, Cao became ambitious.
He took positions of all major posts in the company.

Soon, Sun found that Liu had hindered his progress and started to swallow up Liu. (his first target Guan Yunchang, a brother of Liu)

Within a few years, Liu was finished.

The law changed to allow single director. Cao decided not to stop there. Although he is now the majority shareholder, he decided to be the ONLY shareholder ....

The characters are fictional, anything smiliar is only co-incident

Miko said...

wow..joucads.. your ending is very comical lor.. hahaha...I tot u going to write one with happy ending?

MD: Your story abit confusing....

Anonymous said...

haha... very qim story...bur sounds familiar.... xj

frannxis said...

how come everyone telling stories..

Hey, Miko, anyone wants kick, just use you leg lah.

Miko said...

Wahhaha.... You all never realise that our stories all have the same meaning? and all have the same concept.

Kongming said...

must pei he ur story mah