Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Prince and 7 Dwarfs

Once upon a time, in the land where flowers bloom and river flows, there was a Prince. Everyone call him Prince Charming because he was charming.

One Day, he went hunting in the forest. Soon, he spotted a rabbit and started chasing it.

Prince: Yeeee HA! I will hunt you down, Bunny!


Rabbit: Aaaahhh..... (I know rabbit don't make noises, just imagine can?)

Happily, the prince picked up the injured rabbit. The prince was still gloating over his little trophy when he realised that he was lost.

The sun was setting, the birds stopped singing and the prince's horse was almost dozing off.

The prince, being his usual confident self, thought nothing of it. He led his horse and started looking for the way out.

Prince: Tra la la~ *singing*

The prince spotted a light some where between the trees. He was very happy thinking that he can finally ask for directions or ask for help. As he approached the light, he saw that the light was coming from a small cottage.

*knock knock*

Voice: who's there?

Prince: Prince charming.


The door open and the prince saw that there were 7 dwarfs. Each of them was of different shape and size. There were small one, fat one, skinny one etc.

The 7 dwarfs were very happy that Prince charming came to their cottage. They have been waiting for him for a long time. 6 of the 7 dwarfs were evil and they knew that if they get the true love and kiss from the prince charming, they will turn into beautiful ladies. However, only one of them is going to finally win the love of the prince. The 7th dwarf is a kind dwarf but with the other 6 evil dwarfs around, will he finally win the love of the prince?

To be continued...


Kongming said...

next time, describe the horse color, the attire of the prince and the drawf...

u remind me of writing sponstance writing in sec sch...

we had 15min to write rubbish.
i managed to write a 2 hours story abt a panda and his family fighting evil.

frannxis said...

Kindness will triumph over evil, right?

your starting very poetic..i can imagine i smell of the fragance of blooming flowers and hear the gentle sound of flowing water...

and also the rabbit screaming...hahaha

Anonymous said...

the prince got eat pork 1?


Miko said...

frannxis: I am still thinking of part 2 of the story....

JL: Why u ask the prince got eat pork or not? Your answer will be revealed in part 2.

frannxis said...

I think young primary sch kids would love this story.

Imagine 20 kids, eager-faced, bright-eyed, sitting in front of you with ears pricked to hear what you say.

Then the bell goes...Rrrrrrriiinng

kids: "teacher, don't go, please continue, cher! cher!" ....Hee hee

Miko said...

Frannxis: hee hee.. these kinda things Amai knows best. I don't think Amai ever tell stories to her students though. Even if she did, she will probably tell stories of 'San Jia Fu' etc.