Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tuan Bai

Tuan Bai means a troupe bai nian together. This even is quite important to SL so on 5 Feb, I got rehearsal from 11-1:30pm and after that I went SL.

The lion dance was already over and they were playing some music for the guests. There were quite alot of peoplewhich most of them I had never seen before. I was kind of sloppily dressed cuz I rushed over from my practice. The others were wearing vibrant clothes.

The guest were going to lao yu sheng after a few music pieces.

So many people trying to lao the yu sheng. We only prepared 3 plates of yusheng.

This photo is funny, they were standing so STRAIGHT ok. WHy? hahha

This is Shibao's daughter. She is very cute leh, only 5 years old and is very smart already. hoho..

This is our Chairman, Mr Ding. He is quite a gentleman, very soft spoken. He only comes to SL when there is a big event.

After the tuan bai, The youngsters started chatting and we chatted a bit while I wait for Susan to come, just wanna say hi to her. As usual, she is late. She came when most of the people has left.

She asked me if I want to got ktv with her. Ok lor, since I nothing to do. I asked my mum along. My mum can never resist KTV man..

This susan... is very crazy one, she was dancing when I told her I want to shoot a photo. She gave me this pose~

I very tired liao.. If I got time then I edit this post. I am going to ZZzzz..


frannxis said...

You have a knack for looking at the funny side of things. I'm referring to your standing-so-straight photo. Hahahaha...

Miko said...

Hahah, this 'skill' can be learnt when you mix around with crappy people like me!

frannxis said...

another funny thing...the red-shirt man looks the slimmest...hahaha

Miko said...

oh yes... He is very very slim~ He once gave a shirt to the first girl and she can wear his shirt!