Thursday, February 09, 2006


So many things to bl0g! The smell of the stinky fish is gone.. finally.

I am going to blog about our reunion on last Saturday. I am abit not used to it to have another aunt and 3 more cousins suddenly.

Friday night, my grandma stayed overnight in my home and my uncle is supposed to come here to fetch her to my aunt's house for reunion. My grandma didn't know anything and she thought she was going out for visiting.

My uncle came at 10:30am and he drove my grandma while my father drove us.

We reached the block and wanted to go up but there is something wrong with lift. It keeps beeping even though it is not overweight. So, my grandma, my parents and me went up first. We waited by the lift for my uncle to come up. After some time, they finally arrived. The door opened with my uncle's family and 3 other people.

A woman walked out and stretched out her hand to my grandmother and said,"happy new year, mother."

My grandma, abit stunned, didn't know why this woman called her mother but she said "happy new year" anyway. Immediately, I know that the woman is the lost aunt.

Lost aunt," You don't recognise me ah? I am ah geok!"

Grandma," Ah geok ah?"

My grandma abit blur and she was quite expressionless. They then proceeded to my other aunty's house.

I was a bit surprised that my grandma was expressionless. haha I thought she will be very surprised. Instead, she only smiled.

We chatted for some time and came to know that one of my cousin is getting married in March. My grandma might have a great grandchild soon!


From left, grandma, lost aunt, another aunt, my mum... They got the same face!! wahahaha..... I still have 3 uncles but they are not in the photo...

After that, we went to lao yu sheng again at a kopitiam nearby.

From left, my new cousin, my father, my uncle. hahaha... New cousin, sounds funny.

This year, I lao yusheng many times leh. I even lao a vegetarian yusheng with Susan. hahah


Allen PECK said...

interesting blog.
was reading the archives.
particularly liked the taxi driver part 3 article.


Miko said...

Hi Allen, thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. Yah,.. I always run into weird taxi drivers. Recently I just met one with my colleagues. He was blabbering non stop about how we don't look like we are arts students... -_-"