Thursday, December 22, 2005

X'mas is coming~!

This weekend is Christmas. Time flies! I can't even remember what I did last christmas! Did I went for a countdown? Hahaha.. I remembered, I went to Maldives where I almost met the Tsunami. So good to celebrate Christmas somewhere nice and relax.

This year, unfortunately, I have a performance on Christmas Eve. I wanted to meet up with my ex classmates thise Christmas but because of my show, I can't. I will probably meet up with a good friend to count down, that is if I can't reach town area in time.

Details of coming show:

Title: Mr Xue and Miss Fan (I translated the title! :P)
Date: 24 Dec 2005
Time: 7pm sharp! (Teacher says, we will start at 7pm sharp regardless if the audience are in or not because we need to clear the place by 10pm)
Venue: Tampines East CC
Price: $10 ($15 sold out already)

In case anyone interested, can go and see.

This time, I love the costume that Ang is going to let me wear. I think it's really nice though the embroidery is not delicate enough, overall, I still like the design. :D

Hee hee, I find that some parts of the show is very funny! It is funnier than the last time we did it as Ang added some songs to it. The originally 1hr 15 minutes show is now 2 hr 05 min. Ang added some very funny songs for Susan and Wanxin and I can't help laughing when I saw them rehearse. Especially Susan. She is a born San Hua.


Lastly, a poem which I have always liked.


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