Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My office

I have a few things to blog about today cuz I accumulated alot of photos.

Alrighty, the first thing is about my office. One fine day, I was too bored in my office so i took some photos.

This is my desk and the red thing you see in the picture is my neopet, Shoryu. Hee hee... Isn't he cute? Cutey! muacks!

The pink waterbottle is what I use to hold my drinking water. I don't have a mug over there so I cannot make any milo or coffee. I can only drink water in the office which is a good thing also. Milo and coffee will make me fatter I think.

My father gave me the golden horse. He believes that the golden horse will bring me luck in the office. He told me to place the horse with the head facing the door. So I did. The other misc stuffs are my charger, pen and calculator, even part of my handbag is in the photo. Hahaha..

I know this entry is very boliao. hahaha.. but that's what I am.

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