Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One Big Rainy Day at SL

I went to Sl for singing practice a few weeks ago. (Yes, i took the photos a two weeks ago but I did not blog it till now.)

As usual, Steven and Feiyou were there. BTW, FY is in the army now, serving our country, protecting our homes. Hahaha.....

I went on with my singing lesson and they went on practicing their instruments or goof around. Then our little princess arrived.

Little princess, bao bao. She was making a phone call to Biyu's son. Heard from Mei-E that bao bao and ming feng are good friends. She has a really cute voice and she seems like she really had fun talking to Ming Feng on the phone. hehehe... BTW, if you are curious about the pair of legs at the background, those legs belongs to FY.

After my singing class, Mei-E suggested to go drink beer. I don't drink but I went anyway. They ordered 2 heinekens and they insisted i drink abit. So they filled about 1/4 of the mug with beer. I took a real long time to drink up.

After that, they insist that I must 'yam seng' with them. So I said," a little bit will do!" but they still fill up another 1/4 mug of beer for me... #$$%$#%

They ordered some fried squids to go along with the beer but Mei-E thought that fried squids sucks. Anyway, she got her own sour plums to go with the beer. Steven and FeiYou thought it was funny to drink beer with sour plums but Mei-E said it's a common practice in China. *shrugs*

And then something unfortunate happened! *KABOOM*

It started to rain.

Aaaahh.... Now we are stuck in the coffee shop!

Very bored, we started to talk rubbish and Mei-E decided to tell them about my distorted fingers.

Mei: You know Yuying's fingers very flexible, can be bent to a funny angle!

S,F: Issit?! Show me leh!!

So I 'performed' for them and they were like.. 'wooo...' 'ahhhh...' and tried to do the same thing to their fingers but they can't. Steven even took a photo of my bent fingers! Mad!

Then Feiyou told me that he has really big hands and he showed them to me.

That is not a big hand. Those are very long fingers! Now then I know that Feiyou has got super long fingers. His thumb is a bit distorted and bent because he plays too much Er-hu. Not bad.. hardworking.

Now you compare Feiyou's hand with Steven's.

See the diff? hee hee, Steven is a flute player but his fingers are not as long as FY's.

FY is very interested in photography and he took a few pictures of the rain. I decided to take some too. Hee hee.. Rain rain go away, come again another day.

When the rain got smaller, I think it was almost 11pm, we decided to go back. I wanted to go back earlier but they insisted to wait for the rain to stop.


Digressing abit, Biyu's mother, tiam soh, thinks that Steven is very suitable to do Xiao Sheng for opera because of his looks. So she kept calling Steven, Xiao Sheng. hahaha. I think it is a funny name. At first I was bewildered how come Tiam soh call Steven as Xiao Sheng. hee hee....

Both me and Mei-E agrees that FY is more suitable to do San Hua. He is not very tall and I think he got a comical face. Steven, on the other hand, is quite tall but he may need to lose some weight.

However, these 2 guys said that they are not interested to act because they are scared. Everyone will be scared on the first attempt. That's normal but they said that they will be too nervous and forget everything. Too bad, if not, we will be able to recruit 2 potential students.


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