Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Taxi Driver 3

It's crazy that I can actually keep running into weird taxi drivers.

Yesterday, after a long singing session, I was really tired so I took a taxi home.

Some bastards as usual kept walking in front of me to get the cab, these kind of people should go to hell.

2 bangala overtook me and were standing a few feet infront. Pissed, I overtook them (and glared at them in the process) also and managed to get a cab.

Immediately when I board the cab, the indian taxi driver said,"Welcome to my Taxi!"

I just laughed and said,"Hougang St 11, please go by CTE."

The indian taxi driver asked me what I was doing so late in Chinatown etc. I wasn't really keen to talk to him as I was very tired.

He asked me if I am living at block 150+, I told him no, I am living at 140+.

Taxi: Give me any street in Singapore and I can tell you the block.

Me: Oh really?

Taxi: yah, go on and ask me!

Me: well.. ok.. Serangooon Ave 2.

Taxi: *thinks awhile* Blk 200+

Me: yeah... correct.

Then I kept quiet hoping that the driver will leave me alone.

Taxi: Guess how come I know all the blocks in Singapore. Go on guess..

Me: I don't know.

Taxi: come on. Just make a guess.

Me: Because you have been driving for a long time.

Taxi: No. wrong.. I have been driving for 9 years only.

Me: You deal with properties before?

Taxi: No... wrong.. I was an electrician before...

(quiet for awhile.... good.. I can have peace... but i guessed wrongly)

Taxi: Ask me questions. Any questions.

Me: I don't have questions to ask. ( I hope the driver will leave me alone if i said this but hell no.)

Taxi: Go on! Ask me something.

Me: Really nothing to ask.

Taxi: (quiet for a moment) Ask me something.

Me: I can't think of anything to ask.

Taxi: It means your brain is limited.

Me: (what the hell) Not that my brain is limited but I am afraid you cannot answer my questions. I have too many weird questions.

Taxi: No problem, go on ask me! Any questions.

Me: Any question? Fine. (I am ready to ask him something he won't know) I love Chinese opera and really I think that it is a difficult art to master.

Taxi: Oh Chinese opera. Do I look like a chinese to you? But Chinese opera is indeed a difficult art.

(hahaha.. he must be surprised I popped a question like that. I hope he will leave me alone so I popped another question.)

Me: I am interested in Cosmology.

Taxi: (quiet)

Me: (bet he didn't know what it is) It's about the study of the universe. Gravity, the big bang, Worldline. I think it is really wonderful.

Taxi: Yah.. science is an interesting subject.

Me: ( seems like he can't really contribute anything to my topics. hahaha.) Uncle, please go by Serang....

Taxi: Don't tell me what to do, you are not trusting my profession. I am professional you know. I know where to go...

Then he rattled on about finding difficult places before.. and....... he drove to the way which I didn't want.

I wanted him to go by Serangoon but he went by another road. Ya right, trust your profession and you went the wrong way.

Finally, I reached, I said,"Stop at the condo infront.'

Taxi: That's not a condo, that's a HUDC.

Me: Yah, I live there, I know it's a HUDC. (fedup)

Taxi: You want to know how come I know all the blocks in Singapore?

Me: Yah why?

Taxi: I used to fix the cables for the televisions in Singapore and we went around to all the block in Singapore to fix it.

Me: Oh. That's good.

Taxi: Yah So I literally went to all the blocks in Singapore but I am tired of a job like this. My kids are big already, no need to work so hard.

Me: Yah, enjoy life. (opened taxi door)

Taxi: Hey, what's you name?

Me: Miko.

Taxi: Nice to talk to you, Miko.

Me: Yah, good night! (closed door)

Please.. I want peace in taxis...

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