Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Something happened at Pizza Hut

I remembered something which happened at Pizza Hut some time ago but i did not blog it. I think we were in the Pizza Hut of Heartland Mall. At first, we were happily looking at the menu, deciding what to eat.

It was a happy day but an accident happened. My sister tried to eat a slice of pizza with the 'slicing pizza tool'. I don't know what's that called. My mum was shocked! Immediately, she stretched our her arm and BAM!

She knocked over a glass of coke.

Right into the empty pizza pan, fortunately.

Look at the coke in the pan. Maybe it is not so clear, so i took a shot of the crime scene.

This is the crime scene, you see the ice?

My mum is very pissed off with my sis for being an idiot, causing her to knock over the glass.

My sister is also very sian about getting scolded.

And my mum showed a back face too!

That's my mum's black face and my sister's glum face. :D

Hahaha.... anyway that day all 3 of us were wearing red t-shirts! They are copy cats!

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