Friday, December 09, 2005

Time travelling?

Recently, Channel 48 on SCV is showing 'Xu Qin Ji'. It is about a man who traveled through time and went back to the qin dynasty.

After watching the first episode of this show, I was baffled by how can a man travel through time? I know that according to Einstein's theory, travelling through time is possible if the object travel faster than light. Bu how can travelling faster than ligh allows someone to go back in time or go into the future? How???!!!! I am really very very curious about this and i want to know why!

I know that it has got to do with Einstein's theory of general relativity but the article is too hard for me to understand.

I saw in Wikipedia all the graphs and pictures explaining the world line. It is very interesting. I saw this following line:

'Points in an observer's present are inaccessible to her/him; only points in the past can send signals to the observer.'

It means that what we see now is infact not really exactly NOW. What we see and what we hear happens in the past. For example, we look into the sky and we saw the sun but the sun is not what it is now, it is what it was 8 minutes ago because the light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach our eyes.

Imagine that there is someone on the sun and the someone wants to go back into the past to see what it was like, so he has to travel faster than light to reach earth so that he can see what the sun was like 8 minutes ago? But can we not travel into the space to go back into the past? Can we travle on the spot to go back?

I think i will print out the article and hopefully one day, someone will explain to me.....

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