Wednesday, October 26, 2005

SL Painting

Today, I was supposed to go to SL for singing lesson. When i arrived at SL, I saw that 3 guys from the chinese orchestra is trying to turn the storeroom into an office! The store room is like full of cockroaches and spider webs lor! But by the time i arrived at SL, the boxes of costumes and props have already been removed from the storeroom to the hall downstairs.

Looking through the boxes, i found alot alot of costumes and alot alot of props! The costumes are so new and beautiful! Anyway, we are not going to use those costumes cuz these costumes are made especially for some big show. Anyway, the costumes will be put back to the half-office, half-storeroom after we repaint the place.

I went up to see the storeroom... and wow.. it is so clean now, they removed all the spider webs and chase out all the cockroaches.

I was really touched, these 3 guys treat SL like their home, willing to sacrifice their time and sweat to help clean up the storeroom. It is the first time i see something like this. The director didn't ask them to do it, they just did it on their own will when they saw the state of the storeroom.

2 of them painting on side of the wall. They were very enthusiastic about it. It was 9pm and they have not eaten dinner. They told me they will go to eat only after finishing the job.

And the painting goes on.....

I am very bad hor, while they paint, i was taking photos. hahah... i got help them paint abit la.. but not much cuz i did not bring clothes to change.

We finished painting the room at around 10pm, then we went to a coffee shop to eat dinner. The guys decided to go back to SL after eating dinner and stay overnight at SL to clean up the place and move the furnitures back in place! They estimate that they wil finish at around 3am.

Well well.. i was really surprised at their enthusiasm...... SL is lucky to recruit students like them. :) I think they are still in SL working while i am here blogging.

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