Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I cannot tahan anymore, just now during lunch, I went to visit the doctor.

Me: Doctor, i got sore throat and flu.

DR: got phlegm? what colour? Got fever? got cough? When it started?

Me: No. white. No. No. This morning.

DR: open your mouth.

Me: Aaahhh.....

DR: You got serious throat inflammation.

Me: You must help me! I must recover in 2 days!

DR: I will try my best.

Me: I must get well ASAP.

DR: I will give you more medicine to get rid of bacteria and 2 days MC.

And so he gave me lots of medicine and something for me to gargle. All cost me $29! that was cheap. To think i once seen a doctor, gave me a cream and antibiotics, cost me $52!

Hope i get well before my show on Friday!

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