Thursday, October 20, 2005


I took a long time before writing this blog. The bbq was held last Saturday just outside my home. Luckily it didn't rain, it has been raining everyday now.

Yeah.. got photos to show you.

This time, i got Richard to buy the prawns. I told him that he will buy whatever he want to eat himself, then he wont complain that we don't have this, don't have that.

The opera gang. I didn't see Wanxin and Wanzhi since Ang went back to TW. Oh yah... Speaking of Ang, she is finally coming back on 28 oct. After so long, she finally is coming back but i don't think she will be staying for very long. Maybe until December.


That day i bbq alot of marshmallow. Very long never eat marchmallow liao. Though it's nice, i think it is very toxic also.

May's favourite food is chicken skin.

I realised i didn't take any photo of YH again!! Until now, she didnt appear at my blog at all! That won't do because everyone around me should have appeared in my blog by now.

YH also wanted to start a blog. She already told us that she will be starting a blog at our previous bbq but until now, she hasn't start anything yet. During the bbq, she took alot of photos and she told me she gonna blog about it. May said that she will not blog for more than 3 days. hee hee.....


Sianz.... Until now, my voice is still very muffled. How am i to sing tomorrow??!!!

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