Friday, February 03, 2012

Chingay 2012

This year, I am taking part in Chingay again. Thanks to my colleagues who asked me if I wanted to take part in the dragon portion. I thought why not? A good chance to exercise, to know more people, to watch Chingay for free and can dance in 'high' mode. So I agreed readily.

Well, apparently, the dragon is not an easy part. If you are going to watch Chingay on Sunday, please note the PINK LACEY DRAGON. I am like the 3rd person in the PINK LACEY DRAGON. Oh well, at least it's pink la. My fav colour... That is like my consolation you know.

So this time round, I not so easy job as 2 years ago, just standing on the float and wave. This time I gotta RUN! Running for my life while my pink lacey dragon spray water on me!!! Make me wet from top to bottom... From inside to outside. Then in front behind everyone kicking the water. Like playing in swimming pool like that.

Though I KP alot, I still enjoy it. It's tired but it was fun. I did it even though I knew it will be tiring because it's not every time or every year that I can do this. And if I don't do it while I am still young then wait till when?



Tomorrow is the first day performance, then Saturday is the VIP performance. Wish me luck!

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