Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My father brought some durians home because my sister was pestering him for it. So that day he bought some and some weird things happened during our eating session.

First of all, I discovered this super big hole!!

This is like a mega deep hole lor! And inside this mega deep hole is a mega thick durian! I dunno who ate this super big durian though. But all the durians were nice, the seeds were all very small! So although we didn't buy a lot, we had our fill that day. Now just writing about me make me crave for it again!

Secondly, it was my mother. She very what lor. She was laughing and laughing so much and then she tried to throw the seed into a plastic bag opposite her.

My mum laughing like crazy.. then when she threw..... the seed landed...

very far away.... really very not accurate lor. Fly so far away, I had to take a picture and show people!!! Power leh... hahaha.. After this my mum can't stop laughing and laugh laugh laugh all the way.... :D

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