Saturday, February 11, 2012

500 note

Yday I dug out all my Asian foreign currencies to separate out the HKD and the RMB for use next week when I go HK and China. Then I came across a $500 note. I think and I think and I think. But I cannot recall whether it belongs to China or to Hongkong. I took out my $500 note from HK and saw that they looked very different. Then I go online and tried to find a $500 RMB but then I found out that China actually don't have 500RMB. 100RMB is the biggest note they have!!!

Then I searched a website which shows all the HKD500, new and old no longer in use prints. But the old prints also don't have this note.

Pek Cek, I googled again, keying in '500 note deer' as the note shows some deers on it.

Finally I found out where this note belongs..... Please see......

It's a TWD.

Meaning that instead of being worth about $100SGD, this note actually only worth $30.

Spent so much time finding out where this note belongs to. I should have just taken a photo and MMS fm... Gosh...

End of my silly little story of how I found out this note is a TWD.


Kongming said...

中华民国!taiwan leh..
u dont have the 4 kids running around? (NT 1000)

Miko said...

aiyah.. 1000 i can recognise la. I always use 1000twd to pay my hair pcs but I seldom use 500. Its either 1000 or 100