Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coke from USA

Some time ago, a Canadian colleague was telling us about how coke from USA sucks. And it tasted weird with this werid high fructose corn syrup thingy in it. He said that the coke in Singapore tastes so much better.

So last week when he returned from USA after a meeting there, he bought us a can to try. LOL.. so funny. Especially bought us a can of coke. So all of us tried a little of the USA coke...

The can looks nice ... but the taste...

It tasted like the coke candy that I ate when I was a kid. That fakish coke taste. It wasn't very sweet like I expected but the taste was weird, fake taste. If not for the can, I will think that this coke is an imitation from China or something.

My coke, you see the ice also arranged so nicely inside! LOL... like a flower leh! Nice hor. And that's my daily green tea which I was so silly to pao when I haven't finish the coke.

Yes and I took a bit of my messy desk so you know that I am a very busy worker. Hahaha... And yes, I got a TV on my desk. lol... Arrgghh.. tomorrow still got work. still got so many deadlines to meet. SIAN!

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