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[Fanacc] Encounter with SJ

Ah... I am going to write about my glorious encounter with Super Junior. The day that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

To confirm SJ's flight to Jakarta, we checked the Korean fans' twitters in the morning. They had tweeted pictures of SJ in Incheon Airport at about 9am, thus confirming that SJ will arrive in Jakarta at 3.40pm. Also from the Korean twitter, we saw that Teuk went to the airport but was rejected entry and went off. We were in shock! I came all the way to Jakarta because I want to see the full SJ group (which unfortunately is 10 members now). So I was quite sad.

About 15 minutes later, Teuk tweeted that he has to settle something and will therefore take the afternoon flight to Jakarta. I was so relieved!!!

I arrived at the hotel at about 2pm and checked in to our room. My friends and my mum thought that this is my free day and I will probably go shopping but no I didn't, I stayed in the hotel the whole day.

When we reached hotel, my friends, Theresia and Tara started checking out Twitter. On twitter, you can see EVERY single detailed movement of SJ and I mean it. Of course you need to know who to follow in your twitter.

At about 3:40pm, we got excited and started to intensely check twitter on SJ's arrival at Jakarta airport. Slowly, the photos started coming out for the Jakarta fans' twitters. They tweeted things like 'SJ arrived', 'SJ boarded red coach' etc. We can see the picture of the coach too. They are like the human GPS system!

However we have a problem, we have no idea which entrance SJ will come in from. So we walked around the hotel. We went to the carpark and then exit the entrance of the carpark. At this moment, we saw this big red coach coming towards us and following behind are some big coaches too!! I was like,"SUJU'S COACH!!"

The question is, are the coaches empty? I peeped in and saw people in the coaches but the windows were all blinded. So I don't know who are in there but there's a good chance Suju is in the coach.

So we faster followed the coach to the lobby and watched them getting off the coach. Hee hee.. Just by watching them get off the coach, I feel very happy. :D

The guards told us not to shout or take photos so I didn't but the excitement caused me to have a headache afterwards because I didn't shout. SJ was the first group to get off the coach and at that time there wasn't a lot of people watching them yet. Then it was F(x) I think. The next I remember was SHINee. By that time quite alot of people gathered at the lobby le. And by the time EXO walked passed us, we had a crowd. Some people were asking where is SJ. SJ already went up to their rooms. :D

So after that we continued to loiter around a bit and found out which floors the artistes were staying. They were staying on a few floors but we didn't know who stayed on which floors.

We took a break and had dinner by the poolside. LOL. It was cool because only the poolside and lobby has got wifi. For wifi in the room, we have to pay 20USD per day.

During this time, we will sometimes go up to our room get stuff etc and taking lifts was always thrilling cuz you don't know who you might bump into. Theresia bumped into EXO once and Tara was so jealous. Heh.

Later at night, my friends and I decided to go to the gym and on the way there, we walked passed the pool. My friend suddenly exclaimed,"Is that Siwon?"

We looked around and indeed it was Siwon wrapped in a towel around his waist, he looks like he just got out from the pool. We were stunned and we didn't expect to see them there. So we cautiously opened the glass door that lead us to the pool and my friend who was behind me got hit by the door. She said 'ouch' loudly and the boys turned around to see us. Leeteuk, Donghae, Siwon, Kangin and Yunho (oh and prince manager) were there. We looked at each other for like a second and we walked away immediately.

We went to a poolside chair and discussed on what to do. Should we say hi or should we just sit somewhere and watch them. My heart was thumping like mad.

Then we saw Siwon walking away while drying his hair into the corridor so we walked the opposite direction around the pool to 'bump' into him. Tara opened the glass door and we bumped right at Siwon. Hahaha... He had his towel around his shoulders. My friend freaked out abit to see Siwon's abs up close but we kept our cool. Then Siwon left and we walked back to the pool, at this moment, we saw Yunho leaving the boys behind and walked passed us to go out of the pool area. He was limping, poor boy and he had to perform extreme dances the next day.

As we walked we discussed about what to do. We decided to sit near the pool but behind some plants so we were hidden but we can still see the boys. I can see the pool and I saw Leeteuk and Donghae challenging Kangin to a race. Kangin began swimming quickly towards our direction and when he reached as first place, he turned around to see that Leeteuk and Donghae are still at their original place! They did'nt move at all and Leeteuk shouted,"YAAAA! PALLI PALLI!"

They were playing a prank on Kangin, making him swim across the pool!

After that they played in the pool some more and tried to hold their breath underwater etc. Sometimes I can't see them when they go behind some plants but I can hear Leeteuk and Donghae's classic laughter. Suddenly Leeteuk choked on water while laughing and Donghae laughed at him. Later on we can hear Kangin saying,"It hurts, It hurts... "

We think that leeteuk and Donghae are smacking him or something.

Donghae then got out of the pool after awhile and wrapped himself in a towel and took off his long training pants (ya, he wore long pants to swim, we think he might have wanted to go gym but was asked to join them in the pool instead). Then Donghae took some selcas at the poolside.. LOL..

I think Donghae saw one of my friends looking at him and he put his wet pants back on. I have to make this clear, we didn't stare. We just glanced from time to time. We don't want them to feel uncomfortable as they were really enjoying themselves.

While Donghae rested there taking photos of himself, the others were still playing in the pool. I think Donghae went back into the pool and joined them for awhile more. They didn't do much now, just playing with water and talking in the pool.

Finally they decided to leave and we were thinking of what to do.

They walked passed our poolside table and my friend said 'annyeonghaseyo' to Teuk and Teuk replied shyly, not looking at my friend. Think he was shy as he only has a towel around his shoulders and not wearing and proper clothes with no make up. Donghae put the towel over his head (why so shy??). Kangin just smiled broadly (Kangin is very friendly too). My friend want to pass a gift to donghae but was blocked by the prince manager.

I think Kangin and Leeteuk are the friendliest people in SJ. Not saying the others are not friendly, just that Teuk and Kangin are the friendliest.

Anyway the point wasn't to tell everyone that I saw Suju. The point is I saw them in their normal life, off camera, and I am really happy that they had a great time playing at the pool. It wasn't like some people who said that SUJU appears like good friends on camera but they weren't close in their normal life. From the laughter I hear and the way they are pranking each other, I feel that they really treat each other like brothers.

The brotherhood is real. Not some made up illusion for the screens and fans.
Oh, some people think that I make this up but I don't really care about such comments. If you wanna leave a comment that this is a hoax, then don't bother.

When we posted tweets that we saw SJ by the pool, the boys were already long gone from there. We won't post tweets like that if they are still at the pool then all the fans will come and disturb them right?? So when people saw our tweets and went to the pool they didn't see anyone and said that we are lying. Seriously though, I don't care.

Ah... the happiest 30 minutes of my life...

I didn't choose the wrong fandom. SJ is worth my 100% support. :D

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Hi Miko. I'm an SG Elf going for SMTown SG this Nov. Been a fan of Kyuhyun since 2009 and though not as crazy as you, I've been to SS3 & SS4 when they're here. Usually I have a friend with me but for SMTown she cldn't make it. N I don't really have any ELF friends. So was wondering if I can meet you to go together n hopefully know more ELFs too? My ticket's not at the mosh pit though. You can find me on FB at =)