Thursday, December 06, 2012

SHINee World Concert 2

I am attending SHINee's concert this saturday! Although they are not my bias group, I like their songs. I don't collect their albums and stuff like I do for Super Junior though. SHINee just won the Best Dance Group in MAMA (over SJ, tsk). I look forward to their best dance performance. They better put in a good show because their tickets are pretty expensive!!!

Gosh... These kpop concerts seriously busted my wallet!

After the SHINee concert which I expect to end at around 11pm, I will take a loooooong time to reach home because of the crowd. The MRT will be cramped with people. That's what I hate. :(

Then when I reached home, I have to quickly pack up, wash and go to sleep because on Sunday 9am, I am catching a flight to KL for my beloved Super Junior. :D

So busy right?

Busy and expensive but worth it.

For Super Junior everything is worth it. LOL....

I will return on 13 Dec and that will conclude my Kpop craze for this year. I will take a break, rest, save money and wait faithfully for Super Show 5.

This is me when I think of Super Show 5.


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