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FanAcc - SMTOWN Jakarta

I realised that  very few people give detailed account of their queuing for smtown concert so I decided to write one for those who have never been to one and would like to be mentaly prepared.

I AM BACK!!!!!!

I am back to Singapore as a changed person. The old Miko is gone. WAHHAHAHAHA....

My mom was telling me before I left that it's good that I am going to SMTown and that my fever should cool down after I fulfiled my wish to see Suju.

Little did she know that my fever didn't go down and I am now even more crazy for Suju after seeing them in person!!!!!!

They are so freaking CUTE!!! Oh my god... how can they be so cute?? They are supermen on stage and total cuties off stage. Hee hee... Awww...

I will blog about my encounter with SUJU in another entry. For this entry I wanna write about my experience in SMTown..

One word to describe it. CRAZY!

And I mean F**king CRAZY!!!!!!!

You don't know what crazy means until you have seen SMTOWN with you own eyes.

I arrived in Jakarta and the moment I exit the doors of the airport, I saw this...

Kyaaaaa~~~ Suju welcoming to Indonesia? So coincident that the first thing I see when I arrive in Jakarta is this advertisement of LG with Suju. And apparently one T2 where I arrived at has this ad, the other terminals don't have. :) This is a good omen.

For the concert, I initially planned to go queue for SMTown at around 5am but we realised that there are lots of dangerous looking people around the stadium at night so we decided to go after the day is brighter, around 7+am.

So we walked from our hotel to the stadium which is pretty near but our entrance is on the opposite side so we still walked a long way.

On the way you can see all the SMT banners.

Ok, this wasnt really taken on the day of the concert, it was taken on the night before the concert when we went to scout the stadium.

 This is the main entrance, the first of the 3 entrances to the stadium.

Outside the main entrance there is this big map to direct you to your designated gate.

So we went into the main entrance and to our horror, there were already like 300, 400 people queuing. Actually I wasn't that surprise because we came late, we could have came at 5am and we will be the first one but we didn't.

The pink gate u see right in the front is the start ofthe queue. So we are like I dunno, behind 500 people. Tara (my Exotic friend) was disappointed to learn that we are so behind in the queue.

So we took out our little stools and sat there. I walked a bit further down the queue to see the situation and also took some photos.

It was very very hot and sunny. I am not the kind of person who likes to be under the sun and to be honest, it was torturing but I had an umbrella so that makes things better.

Along the side of the queue were stalls selling drinks and food etc. They knew that there will be a crazy queue today so they set up the stalls very early in the morning. Besides that, there were also people selling merchandise like lightsticks, photos, fans, hairbands with your idol's name etc. I didn't buy any of those. I only bought water.

So we sat there for about 1 hour and Tara said that she wanna go get her tickets from the seller (we bought tickets through fanbase). So she left and I looked after her bag. Suddenly not long after she left, the people in front stood up and started running. We picked up our bags and stools and umbrellas and ran too. There were people who tried to cut queue during this chaotic situation and my friend, Theresia, shouted at them to get to the back. They pretended not to hear us but we keep shouting and then complained to the crowd control officers. The organisers did a bad job with the queue in my opinion. They could have managed the queue better by setting up barricades or something but no. It was an open area like this.

Eventually the irritating shameless queue cutter decided to leave the queue.

So we stood there for like 30 min and the queue wasn't moving. Apparently the gate wasn't opened yet but people suddenly got excited and run. So we sat down again.

10 minutes later Tara got back and we told her about the sudden run. Halfway through telling her about the run, everyone started running again!! Again we picked up our stuf and ran. This time we didn't sit down anymore. We just remained standing. It was I think 9:30am. I kept the stool and the umbrella in the bag and stood in the sun because if we run suddenly, we wouldn't have time to take care of the stuff.

There was still rehearsals going on inside the stadium and when Suju's superman came on, the ELFs screamed and sang along.. lol... There were quite a lot of ELFs in the Indonesia.

At 12pm, the gate finally opened and everyone ran. but there is not point running, we have to queue up to get in. So we started queuing and once again there were shameless queue cutters trying to queue in front of us. We shouted at them again but this thick skin girl pretend not to understand english. I know she is indonesian so my friend also shouted in indonesian but she pretend not to hear. We complained to the crowd controller but there was nothing much he can do as the indonesian girl just thick skinly remained there like she was supposed to be there. Bitch.

Then the chaotic queue started to split into 2 queues and I tell you the floor was full of garbage!!!

Full of garbage, I think if this is Singapore, SMTown will be BANNED from coming Singapore for concert forever.

So after the usher looked at my ticket was let in and I ran to my gate. In front of my gate there were already around 300 people queueing. Because Fes B and Fes C are using the same gate, our queue was very long. Tara and I hope that most people belong to Fes C. We were going for Fes B.

See, already so many people sitting in front of Fes B and C and this was only like a third of the queue.

So we at down again and bought some water. It was so freaking tiring and dehydrating. We sweated a lot and consumed a lot of energy with just about 4 hours of queuing and there is like another 6 hours to go.

My friend went to find her friend and I decided to go to toilet because once we get into the pit, it will be hard to get to the toilet. Tara was tired so she tried to sleep, we only slept like 3 hours the previous night so all of us are exhausted. I looked behind us and saw that our fes B/C queue is getting long so I took a picture.

This was taken about 20 minutes after we got into the queue at Fes B/C.

Theresia came back and told me that there are stll lots of people queuing out there at the second gate. I went to get a picture.
The queue was so freaking long that after we got in for 30 minutes, there are still so many people outside.

So Theresia said she is going to get some merchandise and went off. I told Tara to look after the stuff for awhile, I wanna get another bottle of water.

Skali when I was paying money everyone in my queue started running!!!! Tara had no hands so she took only Theresia and my bag and ran like there is no tomorrow. I quickly chased after her but she was gone in the crowd. It was very chaotic. I pushed my way into the crowd and looked for Tara but couldn't find her.

I shouted her name and saw that she is about 5 or 6 people in front. I squeezed myself to her side and took my bag. She told me she left the stools cuz its not possible to carry everything. So yah.. we lost our stools. Damn!

It was around 2pm when this happened and from now onwards, we didn't get to sit. We were jammed packed like sardines. There was no way to move. It was very hot and sticky and everyone was sticking to everyone. It was terrible. I sweat like hell but at the same time I know that I cannot drink anymore because there will be no more chances to go toilet.

So we stood there and I quickly sms Theresia to tell her that we have ran. She couldnt find us. I raised up her bag high but she still can't see. She called me and suddenly everyone ran again!!! I couldn't answer the phone and just ran like crazy.

Then finally we stopped and I answered her call. She found us and took her bag but because she belongs to Fes C, she stood a bit further from us. At this point, we were all standing very close to each other. Some shorter people cannot breathe and were fainting. A girl in front of me and behind kept closing their eyes and leaned on other people but they refused to get out of the queue. I am glad that I am at least tall enough to breathe properly and thank goodness, lots of Indonesian girls are shorter than me.

Slowly, little by little, the pushing packed us closer and closer. To the point that I cannot put my hands into my pocket to get my ticket. Can you imagine that, there wasn't even any space to get the ticket from my pocket.

We stood like this from 2pm to 4pm. People started fainting and were pulled out of the queue. I think there were at least 5 people who fainted. If they were to faint like this, how are they going to survive the concert?

Everyone started shouting for the guard to open the gate. The gate opened a little and we can peep inside, everyone started screaming and pushing. And then the gate closed and we stood there like this again,

Finally at 4+pm, the guards start to tear ticket and let us in. IT WAS CHAOTIC!!!! BEYOND DESCRIPTION!!!

Everyone wants to get in first and started pushing. The security held their arms together to form a human chain but the fans just keep pushing and everyone pushed, like a riot! Like a freaking war!! And then people started ducking under the arms and pushing the guards etc. The guards also gave way to the pushing, the human chain was useless, with the force of so many hundreds of people, they are not going to work.

So I ducked under the arms of the guards and chiong. Quickly let the usher check my bag and ticket and ran into my moshpit.

My god, I went into Moshpit B1 and there were already like 4 rows of people infront of the barricade. I sat down to rest. My gosh.. I was going to die. Very thirsty and yet I don't have water.

Tara came in and we sat there and waited once again. Under the hot sun. It was 4:30pm I think. I started taking pictures again.

Cassies were sitting in front of me. Cassies are DBSK's fans and their colour is red. I looked around for other fandoms.

See the blue green umbrella? Those are Shawols, SHINee's fans.

And of course, BLUE! My supermen's fans.. ELF!! DAEBAK! SUPER JUNIOR!!!

There were also pink who are SNSD's fans but they are at Fes C. My poor friend who was at Fes C was surrounded by Sones and Shawols... SNSD's fans. Fes B has more ELFs.

People starting to fill up the tribune seats too. The moshpit was also divided into 2 parts. Though you are in Moshpit B, you can end up at the Moshpit B that is on the outer side which is bad! It is far from stage! Heng we got into the moshpit that is INSIDE.  You see in the above picture there is this lane separating moshpit B into 2 moshpits.

Posters of my Suju... :) The first one on the left is Changmin from DBSK if I remember correctly. Then it's Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, the pink one dunno who, Kyuhyun and Henry.

The fabulous stage!

Tara, sitting on the floor.... our stools were gone.. so got to sit on the floor le.  After sitting for abou 30 minutes, we all stood up again and ended up standing for a very long time till 6:30pm sharp and the concert started!

 Because we were at the 5th row, we decided to give up the barricade and run around the moshpit instead. I think if I want to enjoy the concert, isn't it better to run around and dance to the music than to be stuck at the barricade with people around me.

So yah lor.. I started to back off from that mass of people and stood at the middle of the moshpit and dance to the music.

Even though I decided to run around, I still can be pretty close to the stage and can see the artisetes quite clearly. I took the above picture just so you can see. The 2 person wearing flowery clothes in front are Donghae and Eunhyuk.~ My cute boys!

Lots of people also cannot take the exhaustion and sat down when it wasn't they favourite singers singing. This was during SHINee's turn to perform. Some people sat down to watch the LED screen. The screen looks very small in this pic but it was actually a BLOODY BIG screen. I dunno why it looks so small here.

Let me see if I have other pics...

 Chang min!!!! Hee hee..

Then this below picture is SHINee.

Cool right???? This is the center stage. They can walk from the main stage to the center stage to perform.

You see the red dot in the middle??? Those are the Cassies.. They are very strong and united. Like nothing can destroy them. However, you can still see that the blue lights dominated the rest of the stadium. I have a fancam that shows the blue light. This picture was taken before the ceoncert so the audience are not very hyper yet.

I went to the back of the moshpit to take this picture. My section was taken up by mostly Cassies and Elfs. I think I might find the Sones picture somewhere online but forget it la. I am tired. LOL...

I am very bad, during SNSD's performance, I sat down to rest. Hahahaha.. I wasn't THAT interested to see SNSD lah to be honest.

Took this during SNSD's performance. Hahaha.. Was sitting there.. resting, conserve energy because I didn't drink for like 6 hours, I was totally dehydrated.

All the legs surrounding me.. ahhahahhaha....

The guards came twice to distibute water but there wasn't enough for everyone so everyone grabbed! And snatched! Like refugees in a war!! That's why I said it was lik warzone!! It really was!!!

Anyway I didn't get any water so I try not to waste energy when it was SNSD's performance. LOL...

My first bias is SUJU, secondly I like DBSK, then it's Shinee and EXO.  Heh....

And then when Suju came out I screamed like there is no tomorrow, all energy came out, adrenaline flooded my brains! I dunno why but suddenly I got the energy to sing along and jump around. hahaha...

Let me show you the way they arrange the artistes' song list. There was a part that was like this:

14."Oops!" - Super Junior & f(x)

15."Lucifer" - SHINee feat. Luhan (as special guest dancer)

16."Superman" - Super Junior

17."Don't Don" - Super Junior

18."Ring Ding Dong" - SHINee

19."Bonamana" - Super Junior

20."Juliette" - SHINee

21."Love Like Oxygen" - SHINee feat. Sehun (as special guest dancer)

22."Missing You" - Ryewook & Chen

I cannot rest!!! SJ And Shinee took turn!! And I dance and sing non stop... I was telling Tara, it had better be SNSD next if not I am going to die!!!   Then after awhile the song list was like this:  

29."Sorry Sorry" - Super Junior

30."Perfection (Korean ver.)" - Super Junior-M

31."A-Cha" - Super Junior

32."Mr. Taxi" - Girls' Generation

33."Internet War" - Jonghyun & Taemin

34."Maximum" - TVXQ

35."Mirotic" - TVXQ

36."Keep Your Head Down" - TVXQ

37."Gee" - Girls' Generation

38."Kissing You" - Girls' Generation

39."Dancing Out" - Super Junior

Girls Gen = SNSD   It was very tiring but at the same time very fun. If you know all these songs, they are almost all dance tracks. There were like less than 5 ballads. And with that powerful sound system, the dance tracks sound super good!!! You can't help it but jump with them! :D  

You are wondering why I didn't post SJ's photos.. Cuz I can't take any photos at all. I was too excited, I took some shaky videos. The whole time I was jumping around. I will post the video I took and you can hear my voice screaming... THE LAST MAN STANDING!  

After the whole thing ended (in beautiful fireworks), we got a problem going out too. I dunno why the organiser used a small gate to let us out. It was stupid. And took a long time to get out.  

The first thing we did when we got out was to buy water. I bought 4 bottles, 2 for Tara 2 for me. I finished the 2 bottles of 600ml mineral water!!!!   And then the best part, we walked 30 minutes to go back hotel..   Totally DEAD!!!! DEAD like a DEAD FISH!   But it was fun la. I didn't regret it. The ticket price of $220 was worth it.  

Oh and I must comment DBSK. ALthough I am ELF, I must admit that DBSK is truly the kings of Kpop. Their powerful stage performance and charisma is unbeatable! They totally own the stage and command your attention. I don't know how to explain this. Although they have broken up and now there are only 2 members in DBSK, they are still powerful. No wonder Cassies are so crazy...  

If I didn't fall in love with SJ first, I will probably fall in love with DBSK. Hahaha.. But I stll love SJ more. SJ is all rounded. They are silly, dorky, witty, cute, charming.. all in one.  

DBSK on the other hand is the king on stage. They just totally suck your eyeballs in and you can't even blink when they perform. They are THAT good. They have become so lengendary now. The new comers all respect DBSK. SJ and DBSK are good friends. :)  

I hope DBSK comes to SMTown sg!!! PLEASE!!!!   By the way, DBSK = TVXQ, in case you are confused.   In comparison, SHINee and EXO doesn't have that much aura and command on stage. Maybe cuz they are still not that experienced. SHINee has been around for 3 or 4 years but I don't know. They are still not quite there yet. EXO is new, think they debuted this year or last year. So yah, can see they are pretty green but nonetheless they are all good dancers and singers. 

 SM Entertainment really train their artistes well. All of them are such great peformers. BOA is very charming on stage too! Though I never really listen to her songs, she is very charismatic.  

Ok.. I will stop spazzing here. I will write another entry on my encounter with SJ in the hotel! Aww.. so unforgettable.. Hee hee...  Nitez!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That was an amazing post. I loved the way you described things - so real but with such a subtle touch of humor haha. I was spazzing and laughing the whole time, almost as if I had been there too! I've never attended such a concert, but I'm a hardcore ELF :D Thanks for the entry! I enjoyed reading it very much.

Miko said...

Thanks for your compliment! I wrote this because I think no one did this and I really think that it's important to first timers to read up a bit before going for such big concerts. just to be mentally prepared.