Saturday, December 15, 2012

FanAcc Asian Super Showcase

OMG, I can't believe I was at the first row in Asian Super Showcase!!! So close to my precious SJ (yet so far...)

I went to KL on 9 Dec and on that day we visited the venue and realised that there were people queuing already! The show was on 11 Dec but there are already people queuing on 9 Dec. There were 3 groups so I approached the 3rd group and asked if we can chop the place behind them and then can they look after that place for us while we need to go back to hotel. They were ok with it so we left a jacket there and went back to hotel.

Fast forward, I upgraded my ticket from Super Zone to U mobile which costed me another 58rm. So I went to the U mobile queue which was empty at that time and so my friends and me were first in line!! :D

So happy... :D

So fast forward another 10 hours, the queue starts to get long. I queued there for 2 days. Chop that place for 2 days. I did went back to hotel at night and then went back to venue at about 4+am to continue queuing. On the day itself, the queue slowly got longer and longer and longer.

And most of the fans that came to queue were ELF. The Exotics came at around 10am.

I stopped drinking at 11am and they let us in at around 1pm. We chiong to the lift, up to 15th floor and actually ran to fight with the SuperZone people to get the first row. In the end, I end up at first row. One of my friends was also on the first row but 2 friends got the second row.

I am soooo happy!!!!!

While waiting for the show to start, they played some songs and the fans started doing fanchants. :D So cool!

Then when they showed the Tai Wan Mei MV, everyone screamed and did the fanchants. I think ELF had the loudest fanchants. Anyway the majority of fans there were ELF or ELF cum Exotic. However the superzone was filled with mostly ELF and the back of Superzone and the pit behind were the Exotics. I didn't really count but basing on the fanchants, I think the Exotics were at the back. No one in front were doing fanchants for EXO maybe because  they don't know how. They did scream for EXO but not the fanchants.

Only like hardcore fans will really remember all the fanchants. So anyway I conclude that there are more ELF because SJ's fanchants were the loudest.

I was so seriously hungry at around 3pm but I stopped myself from eatng. Kayrin ate some biscuits and I stopped her. I told her I don't want her to poop her pants later. I was very tired so I feel asleep for awhile while waiting in the pit.

Then finally after long hours, everyone started standing up at 7pm. I hung myself on the barricade cuz I was tired...

We stood for another 1 plus hour because the concert doesn't start on time!! So angry! They kept repeating the same ads over and over again and doesn't start the concert!

Finally after repeating the ads for like a thousand times, they started of the concert with BtoB!!

I seriously have no idea who BtoB is. Never heard of them or their songs before so I was sort of skeptical about them. LOL... So mean right and I also rather unhappy that BtoB is going to take up SJ's stage time. I am so mean!

Ok so BtoB started off and to be honest the opening wasn't too bad and I enjoyed it. :D Plus because I was in the first row, the boys gave me fan services like they smiled little smiles at us or wave etc.

My friend Kayrin who was standing behind me really liked one of the guys a lot because she thinks he is cute. And she was screaming like 'Oh my god, I told myself I am not interested in boy group I don't know but this boy so cute.. oh no.. I can't..."

I think this is the one that she likes:

BtoB... LOL and my friend beside me also commented that one of the guy is sweet and his smile is so sweet.. :D

I think it was this one:

So we ended up enjoying BtoB's performances alot!

Then they stopped and did some intro and talked abit. While they were talking, I couldn't really scream for them because I don't know their names.

My friend behind keep telling me to ask one of the guys to throw their towel at us, the towels that they have used to wipe off sweat.

So I pointed at one of the boys and started drawing circles at him. LOL. I don't know why I did that but I just did. I just continued drawing circles at him and suddenly he looked at me and drew circles back at me too. I was like.. OH MY GOD!!! He just gave me fan service! LOL my first fan service wasn't from SJ. :P

This was the one who reacted to me. LOL.. He is the leader of BtoB. Only 22 years old! :D

So yah, after that I felt my knees buckle abit. If it was SJ, I would have fainted on the spot. LOL....

Their performances wasn't bad too! Their dance was nice and the songs were catchy. I totally enjoyed it and screamed for them a lot.

Ok this is the photo I took and I wasn't using any zoom and this was taken with my phone. :D So near right? Nice. :D

They were really sweet boys. My friend behind me was saying,"Oh they are so cute! Oh I really like him, don't go! But nooo.. No time already, I have to see my hyuk jae. Although I like you but I like hyuk jae more..."


After them it was EXO-M's turn and everyone went crazy again! The Exotics screamed like mad. LOL..

EXO-M performing MAMA. When they were getting ready, Tao was in front of me. I didn't know his name is Tao until I asked my friend who is the guy with the eyeliner. :P

So Tao was like all very serious and cool looking at the ground. I was again in a random mood so I stretched out my left hand and curled my fingers and uncurled them like a claw and make a 'I want to claw you' look. At this moment, Tao looked up and he saw me directly. He curled a corner of his lips upwards and smirked at me. I was like... what the hell just happened??? LOL.

Though I dunno them well, it was cool to get fan service like that. :P

So the danced and sang History, MAMA and another 2 songs which I don't know the title. Oops.. I am sorry for not knowing... :( I can't remember.

Another picture I took with my phone:

EXO-M didn't really perform a lot or talk a lot. They just did like a short intro and 4 songs. That's all. They performed even shorter than BtoB!!! I was surprised.

After them finally it's SJM's turn!!!! OMG.. My heart beat so fast I almost fainted. After waiting for so long!!

They performed Super Girl first. :) My 2nd SJ song. :D I have got a fancam of this. In fact, I have got the fancam of the whole Super Junior M part. Hahahaha.

After singing Super Girl, they sang 'At Least I Have You', Ok I don't know the actual English title so I translated it literally from the Chinese title. Hee hee.. My fancam for this part was shaky. I can't help it!! When Sungmin was right in front of me and he kept doing cute stuff I just had to react and when I reacted with  wave or scream, my fancam will shake! Arrgghh so angry with myself sometimes.

When the song ended they started do self intro. This Kyuhyun always say the same stuff when he does introduction in Chinese speaking countries. LOL but this time.... he forgot!! He actually forgotten what he wants to say. -_-" I can see that his Chinese has deproved.. Time to do promotion for SJM, Kyuhyun..

Then when Eunhyuk was doing his self intro, Sungmin waved at me!!! How I know he was waving at me? Cuz there were MANY Jewels there and when Hyuk did his intro, everyone was looking at him and screaming. Suddenly I noticed that Sungmin turned his head to look at our direction so I shouted Sungmin and waved at him. I was the only one waving at him so he waved back! LOL You can hear me screaming OH MY GOD in the fancam and the fancam started shaking. My camera was filming Eunhyuk but I was actually waving and Sungmin. :P

My weak fangirl heart died.. for a second there and was alive again.. because I have to continue watching the show. Hahaha...

So they moved on to another which was only sung by Zhou Mi and Ryeowook and moved to the stage extension which was like behind me so I stopped filming and when Hyuk appeared in front of me to rap, I started filming again! After this they talked about the feelings of coming to Malaysia.

The funny thing was I found out that this time Hyuk's favourite line is 'zhun bei hao le ma'. Which means 'are you ready?'

When the host asked what they think about Malaysia and the people here, they said something like they want to find a girlfriend here and suddenly Hyuk blurted out 'are you ready?', Kyu quickly shake his hand at Hyuk and say something like 'you can't say that'. LOL..  And Hyuk realized that he said the wrong thing.

After this interview, my battery went flat! Gah... I have t change batteries and I was so nervous while doing so. I missed some stuff. They said saranghae to the fans individually I think. That was I missed filming. Then when I got my battery ready, they were talking about Siwon's video message:

And after this, they played guessing games of Malaysian fruits. OK now everyone thinks that my favourite fruit is Jackfruit.

One of the pictures shown was Jackfruit and it seems like none of the members know the answer. So I shouted Jackfruit very loudly and I shouted repeatedly. Donghae tried to make a wild guess and said something jay foo and of course it's wrong.

Sungmin turned over to my side suddenly and was looking at me shouting the answer. He was trying to read my lips and Henry also looked at me and took out his earbuds. They both leaned over to hear the answer but too bad they can't hear me. Then Sungmin tried to read my lips again. Sadly, none of them got it. When the host revealed the answer, Sungmin looked at me again and said,"aaahhh" and nodded.

OMG.. so much fan service from Sungmin today I don't know why!!!!

I wanted to attract Ryeowook's attention actually. I kept shouting his name but he doesn't respond. He seems to be in a daze. Like always. He seems to always be in a daze...

Then they answered questions prepared by fans. This is self explanatory so I am not going to type about this. This fan account is getting too long!!!

One thing to note though is Donghae revealed that they are filming the new SJM mv this week! Then he realised that he shouldn't say that and covered his mouth. The other members quickly pushed him aside. LOL.. So funny. And then Hyuk asked Donghae to do a little of the new choreo. I seriously can't wait for the teaser/mv whatever!! Give me the new SJM song NOW!!!!

And then there is this famous Eunhae moment part. Hahha... they chose who they will date if they were a girl. Donghae chose Eunhyuk, even Kyu said 'Lee Hyuk Jae'. They are so famous :P

Nobody chose Henry! Poor guy, my friend behind me shouted 'HENRY I TAKE YOU!!!"

Hahahah... Yah!! Don't forget your bias is Hyuk Jae!!!

After this, they sang ME. It's gotta be me~~~~

During this song, all the members ran to the side extensions except for Hae. So you can say that this fancam is mostly hae focused. LOL. Hae was like waving and posing for others' cameras. I was so jelly! Why never wave to me.. why why why? So I followed him with my camera and when he looked over, I did a victory sign with my fingers curling and uncurling, like what heechul always did. He finally saw me and waved at my camera. *dies*

The next song was Destiny Line, or was it? LOL I translated literally agan... :) This time I finally caught Kyu waving at fans~~ Hahaha.. I screamed so much, I was wondering if I should post this video... -_-"

The last song was Perfection!! HAhahah..  Zhoumi asked which song wasn't sung yet and everyone screamed Tai wan mei.. Kyu said, you guys are smart. :D Of course we are!! We are ELF!

During this part, my friend behind me has ran out of battery so she can't film her bias, Eunhyuk. She keep telling me to do Eunhyuk focus but I didn't want to because I want to film whoever is singing in the center. Then whenever I moved my camera to another member, she will push my hand to Eunhyuk! Twice she did this!! And so my Tai Wan Mei fancam is almost a Eunhyuk focus. This girl ah.... >.<

Finally the show ended with SJM running around the stage and bidding good bye and at this moment my memory was full. Just nice!! LOL.... my friend keep screaming at me that I filmed just nice, finished all my memory. LOL She was going crazy.

After the whole thing, we had a hard time trying to get back to hotel. I stayed at Double Tree Hilton Hotel but I didn't see SJ this time. They went back to Korea straight after the concert.

When I reached the lobby of the hotel, I saw from far 2 guys near the lifts. I told my friend they look like Koreans.

Then when we turned the corner to the lift lobby, BAM! I saw BtoB like right in front my eyes, make up gone, wearing very casual clothes, almost like pyjamas.

I was like WHOA... .and stepped back. They were just standing there like waiting for someone then when they about to walk away, my friend said Bye... I quickly said,"Hey, great concert!"

They looked at me with puzzled face, I think they don't understand English.

So my friend said 'good' in Korean, or something like that because they immediately responded and said thank you to me. LOL and one of the guys said ah.. I remember you to my friend. LOL. My friend was like shocked. Then the manager called them and they walked off. They were lik practically less than a meter from me. I can't believe my luck.

Now I feel really bad to be so mean to BtoB at first...
So they moved off and my friend cried in the lift.. :P

End of my adventure!!! LOL I hope I will experience something like this again... :) I was really really lucky this time.. :)

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