Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Family Addition

My latest family addition...

I haven't got a name for him and my mum calls him Xiao Xiao Mung. I dunno why lor. Like this xiao mung will be very jealous. And apparently my mum dotes on Xiao Xiao Mung more than Xiao Mung. This makes both xiao mung and da mung very sad..

This little monkey comes from Er Mei Shan, China. Nick got it there and has a same one for himself too. He said that he is the monkey daddy now and that I am MMM, Monkey Mummy Miko. What a name lor... MMM...

I must admit that the monkey is cute tho and I am sure he will get along with my other 2 sons.. Heh~

Recently asked MD to buy shoe's balls from china and I fooled around with those balls and my sons.

They are the pom pom boys~ LOL..

See my mum she likes the newest mung best.... Very bias one..

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Kongming said...

monkey with pink balls.. funny looking lor