Saturday, July 02, 2011

Crazy JB Trip

This crazy trip happened about 2 weeks ago and I didn't record it here in the blog cuz I was busy doing other things. I am still busy doing other things but I try to write a little to get things going.

The crazy trip started from one fine day at Ang house.

May: The rate for ringgit is very good leh. We should go JB.
Me:What's the rate?
May:2.4 already
Me: Go lor..
May: Yah, go in eat my chicken essence frog legs.
Me: And YH can eat her crayfish.

And so I started asking around who wanna go with us. In the end not many people can, LZ want to go facial lor. Mad lor, must choose that day to facial mah???

So I asked KL if he free. He was free and agreed to go in together.

Unfortunately, there was a massive jam that day at Woodlands checkpoint so we decided to go in by Tuas. We met up at 9am and as usual YH was late so we waited for her and I think we reached Tuas by 10:30am ba.

Little did we know that there was actually a hidden massive jam at Tuas too but it was not visible on the traffic camera. So we were all cheated into that massive jam. I am not joking. The idea of making all of us scan our fingers at the Malaysian checkpoint created this massive jam and I think Malaysia abandoned that idea after that day. They cannot tolerate the jam too.

In the car, we talked non stop. Fm was there listening to our nonsense and gossips. She actually felt entertained by our nonsense lor. Hahaha.. When the 3 of us were alone, we can talk about anything. No spies or bao doh kid will spill our beans. And so FM heard a lot of secrets...

Heng for May, she ate a curry puff and lim kopi so she wasn't very hungry at the beginning of the jam. On the other hand. Me and FM ad YH and KL were all super duper mega hungry! And yet there was nothing we can do.

When our mouth tired, we all took a break and started looking out the window, at the other cars. We see that some people has gotten off the bus and decided to walk. It was raining lor! At some point. FM even concussioned!!

Finally at 2pm, after 4 hours jam, we reached the Malaysia custom!!! All 4 of us almost died in the car...

At the finger scanning station, I told FM when she scan her fingers, she mut scan all four fingers, her index and her middle because she is xiaosheng.. I scan 2, my index fingers only... Apparently she didn't listen to me lor..

Since we got nothing to do, we took photos at custom. Actually cannot take photos there I think but no one stop us leh. You can see KL's yellow car behind...

I dunno why May Teng seems so happy at the customs. Is it because she can finally scan her fingers and we can proceed on to eat our bak kut teh??

The massive jam:

After the hell of jam, we were so hungry that we finished 3 big pots of bak kut teh!

Picture of typical obasan. The 2 xiao shengs went toilet and dumped their shoppings with May Teng. I came out of a shop and saw her carrying all those stuff. She look very much like an obasan from market lor!! hahaha... I must be fair I think only YH left her shopping with May. FM didn't buy anything... lol..

Our day wasn' very smooth. KL bought an ice-cream and the ice cream dropped into a whole tub of fudge! LOL. KL told the macdonald guy to forget it. Just scoop up the ice cream from the fudge and give it to him. LOL, he likes to eat the hot fudge so this much of hot fudge is going to sweet him to death lor.

Then we went Giant as usual to get our daily neccessities. May even bought underwear! We started discussing at Giant about what kind of underwears we like and what kind makes us uncomfortable.. HAahha. I think FM will be very not used to this kind of conversation but she joined us looking at the underwears also..

Later we as usual, bought cooking oil and for the first time I know that yakult is cheaper in JB than singapore. May and YH each bought tonnes of yakult back to Singapore and I am not joking. May even bought diapers.

Some of the things we bought are kind of silly actually. Like underwear for example.

Then we went to sentosa to eat dinner. It's like a standard procedure. Go Holiday plaza then Giant then Sentosa to eat dinner. A standard itinery for JB trips.

YH of course order crayfish. But I think this stall is not as good as the other one that me and FM and KL tried the previous time. The other stall was better.. hmmm.. sad.

Black backside...

I love bittergourd with salted eggs!!! Very nice and I also introduced the black backside to May and YH. May likes it a lot and both she and FM da bao back to Singapore.

Unfortunately, the black backside didn't taste good at all when u bring it back to Singapore. It will become cold and harden. Ah well, if you want to eat nice black backside then you must go JB to eat lor.

Overall, we completed our mission for our JB trip.

We fixed FM's Wii.

We bought mangoes.

We bought cooking oil and underwear.

We ate crayfish and chicken essence frog legs.

What else??? ..... hmmm I think that's it. That's the main purpose for coming in.


amai said...

I wanna go next time..hehe

Miko said...

hee.. u should lor. its fun!!! Though it might be dangerous.. :P

Anonymous said...

Its kind of fun thou the super long q.. When shall we go again ??

Miko said...

this is may teng or yh???

Anonymous said...

Im your good frend lar. Hahaha....