Monday, June 20, 2011

Tooth Gum Pain

My wisdom tooth is weird. Just like me.

It grows halfway out of my gum. So my wisdom is half outside and the other half has a piece of gum covering the top. Now that piece of gum is swollen because I always chew food on it and its causing my pain and irritation. I wish I can just cut that piece of gum out! Damn irritating.

I won't be free the rest of this week because I am busying either watching Yueju or practicing it. I will be watching 4 days of yueju and attending the workshop tomorrow evening. Then Wednesday night I am rehearsing it. So this week I am fully packed. I won't be able to blog or anything.

I still have blog about my interesting trip to JB with yh, may, Fm and KL. I think I will write about it like next week..


Anonymous said...

actually you can remove the piece of gum covering the tooth, thats what my dentist recommended to me, n i did just that. I used to get an infection every now n then because that area was difficult to clean, no more such issue after i did the procedure.

Miko said...

erm.,. that sounds very scary.. i dun have infection yet just sometimes it will swell up for a day or 2 then back to normal agian..

Anonymous said...

swelling is infection lor, my symptoms are the same, swelling, after a day or 2 back to normal, but it happens again after a while.

yah it'll get a little bloody but it's kinda worth it for me, it has been years since i did the procedure and i never got the swelling crap ever again.

Miko said...

oh well.. i will ask my dentist the next time i see her~