Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pink Room

So long never blog, I think someone must be thinking why I so lazy with writing blogs.. since I am jobless now I should blog more.

I cannot blog just because I want to blog you know. I must have something interesting to share or something I want to show you guys. Blog for the sake of blogging is very boliao lor and I won't do that one.

I have been prompted to blog about my room before but I haven't done it so far because my room is not ready yet. Though I have moved here for like 3 weeks already, there are still things to be done, cupboards and shelves to be bought. I am not an ordinary person leh. I am abnormal with tonnes of stuff to take care of. I tried to get rid of most of the stuff already but still....

Like I said, my room is not ready yet so I am not going to blog much about it but I can show you guys my bedroom door. It has been decorated to my taste and my mum said it looks like a bridal door. What the hell is a bridal door anyway. Never heard of it. Bridal door is just a normal door lor.

Ok, here is my pink door!

Just bought this big rabbit to hang at my door in case some one wants to leave me an important message while I was sleeping. LOL. It's also a post box for my room and all my letters (and bills unfortunately) will be put into the rabbit's pocket.

Close up of the rabbit and her pocket. Cute or not?? I like it very much!

Next up, its also a rabbit. A pink rabbit tissue box cover. Super cute!

Nice right? The cashier ask me if I like rabbits alot. I told her, I like pink and pink stuff are either pigs or rabbit. I will take rabbit in this case. :P

My cosy bed with da mung and xiao mung on it. Da mung and mung mung are both very happy with their new room. I dunno if they like pink too but never mind lah, I like can liao lor. See the pink hearts on the wall. I just bought that too, together with those rabbits.

Apparently, I spent so much at mini-toons that they gave me a member card. I can collect points and get discounts with it so if you wanna buy something there, please use my card!


littlebird said...

Wow, everything everywhere is so pink. Pink invasion! haha.

p.s. Is that the shark head on da mung?

Hope you will find a job soon. I worry you lor.

Miko said...

lol. Yes~ that is shark head on da mungs head! My mum likes to do that to Da mung. lol...

Don't worry. I will get a job once i get back from china