Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Acting and Me

I just finished doing this show last month and was thinking about it these few days. The show was about this girl who got misunderstood. She tried to resolve it and marry someone in order to resolve it. Unfortunately, this person she married to doesn't love her at all and thought that this girl has a lover outside. Finally one day, this guy hit the girl and the girl died. Of course before she died, the misunderstanding was resolved but it was too late for her husband to repent.

Roughly that's the idea but there were much more details in the show of course. My role in the show was this poor girl who died in the end.

I thought back about this show the last few days and I felt how amazingly different I am from that role. In the role, I am pityful, serious, decent etc but I am actually nonsensical, silly and crappy. Sometimes after rehearsal, I feel strange, like I am totally jumping from one person to another. Hahaha. One moment I was all pityful and crying then once my teacher said 'ok, that's all today' I am all back to my normal crappy self. It's really weird to be a different person in the show and be another person in the next second.

My father cannot imagine me to be all gentle, pityful and delicate. He said that I am such a 'chor lor' woman, likes to talk to my toys, sleep till so late everyday, totally different. Hahaha... I always tell him, that is what acting is all about. It's fake leh.

May always says that I talk alot of rubbish everyday. When we went Ikea together a few weeks ago, I gave her a lot of unconstructive and useless comments....

It's weird that teacher seldom give me crappy roles which are closer to my personality. I think I will do those well.... hee hee...

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littlebird said...

You are not crappy. You are a nice person. And that you are willing to spend time with friends.

I heard that in acting: being a protagonist is harder than being an antagonist.

Your teacher think you are good at this, so she give you more challenging roles.