Friday, September 04, 2009

Me and the Rubik's Cube

I am not a maths person. My worst subject in school was maths and Accounts. I hate them both and I hate numbers. My stronger subjects were languages, literature and geography etc. Then someone gave me a Rubik's cube on Christmas last year which I didn't play with it at all because to me it's an impossible task.

A few days ago, I decided to mess up the Rubik's cube and try to solve it. Of course, I suck at such games just like how I suck in Maths. I gave up and leave the cube alone...

Then I thought, maybe I can find the solution to the cube online. Online has everything that one can ever want to find. So I searched around the net and finally found a solution to solving the rubik's cube. LOL, although I didn't solve it by myself, I was very happy and satisfied when I solve it because it wasn't that easy with the guides. I have to restart 3 times before getting it correct. Anyway, here is my solved rubik's cube!

Please congratulate me!

Yesterday, before I went to SL, I went for a hair cut. I wanted to free my scalp abit from my heavy hair. I told the hairdresser to cut off my fringe. I am happy that my fringe is cut becaus they feel so light and happy now.

Then I asked the hairdresser about those curlers rods where one can use it to curl hair at home. I wanted to buy it because I think wavy hair is cute but I canot have it because I need to use my hair for my performance. So he demo to me how to use the rod... LOL...

My new hair style~ Nice or not? I going to buy that rod thing then I can do the curling myself at home liao....


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SmartChic said...


萧敬腾 can solve the Rubik's cube in less than one minute time, 他的手法超快的!

he took 2 weeks to master it!

watch this video:

Miko said...

lol.. i am not that into rubik's cube.. just do it for fun since it's a gift from a fren~ I dun like this kind of game..

and the photo is not that dark la.. can see abit enough liao..