Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fishball fighting

Fishball fighing time!

As you all know, my sis is a big big mega glutton. Eating is her life and she eats like there is no tomorrow. That explained her sudden weight gain.

One day, my mum bought 2 sticks of fishballs from pasar malam. One for my father and one for my sis. Fair enough.

Happily, my sis took a stick out and started eating. She didn't realise that each stick has 4 fishballs and she has only 3 on her stick. The other one has fallen off into the plastic bag. The same happened to my father's fishballs too. One fell into the plastic bag.

My father exclaimed,"Eah, got fishball inside the plastic bag! Yuxian (my sis) drop one! I going to eat it!!"

My sis, as a big glutton, will never never never give her food to anyone else. Over her dead body! My father purposely said it so loudly so my sis will hear it. She realised that she has got one more fishball in the plastic bag and quickly chiong over to grab it. If she don't get it, I think she wont be able to sleep that night.

Unfortunately, she was too slow! The bag was already in my father's hands. She used all her strength and snatched the bag. She managed to catch a side of the bag and refused to let go. My father, who had the stick of 3 fishballs in his other hand, started eating while holding on tightly to the plastic bag. My sister had no chance at all. They started pulling the bag of fishballs like they were play tug-of-war.

Guess what happened in the end?

Sister snatching the fishballs in the plastic bag.

The bag was torn into 2... poor plastic bag sacrificed for the fishball war. My sister got her one fishbal back. My dad snatched the other one and ate it quickly. That concluded the night's event of 'Fishball War'.

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