Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sending Ekin

I know recently I keep blogging Ekin, my blog readers must be very sian but this post will be the last one for the time being. LOL.

Remember I blogged that I will send Ekin off at the airport? I met up with a few other fans to send Ekin, one of them even brought her daugher!

When Ekin arrived, he was seated in a car and did not get off. We only waved at him. His manager, Shan Shan, did the check in for him, as usual. He always wait till everything is done le then he will go into the airport.

When Ekin saw the fan's daughter, he asked her if she no school that day. The mother told Ekin that the girl didn't go school today cuz mother want to send ekin off!!

Ekin looked at the daughter with surprised and said,"Oh no, you skipped school today!"

Ekin joined Shanshan after she finished checking in. They took First Class flight wor... Another fan told me I can't expect Ekin to go Economy right.. so weird. True also.

Then they went to Bengawan Solo to buy things. I dunno if it's ekin or shan shan who wanted to buy but it was shan shan who carried the boxes later on. She was carrying 6 boxes of some mysterious kueh which my cousin guess should be pandan cake. She said pandan cake is singapore's tu chan and her idol, Mr Pig, also buy pandan cake back to TW.
Weird leh.

I didn't expect to take photo with Ekin so my hair very messy, no chance to arrange. :P Ekin came out of Bengawan Solo and asked,"How? Want to take photo?"
Of course we want lah.. and so we hastily took above photo.
Ekin waving at us after going into the custom. He always does that when we send him so I will get my camera ready at the glass panel to take this photo. LOL.. And you can see shan shan, in pink, carrying the bengawan solo boxes.


littlebird said...

wow, u know him so well, that you even know and remember his habit of wave back. If there's a Ekin trivia game, i am sure you will win.

Miko said...

lol, i just know some little things here and there but there are other fans who really know him very well, more than me! So I think I wont win a game with them. :P