Friday, August 07, 2009

Sims 2

EA (Electronics Arts) just released Sims 3. I bet you must have seen the posters of this lastest game in the MRT stations and bus stops. I love playing the Sims, it's very funny at what the characters will do when you do a certain action.

These few days, I was very busy with my performance on this sunday and the 扮仙 event. I went rehearsing everyday! After this sunday, I will have more time to do other things... I hope...

I wanted to blog about my holidays, lots of things to intro to you guys but my hectic schedule don't allow me to do so. Moreover, I have to spare some time playing Sims 2. LOL, I know it's outdated liao but no choice, my computer can only support Sims 2 and it is still quite fun! I reccomend this game to everyone who has time in their hands and to people who like to manipulate other people.

I will blog my holidays after this National DAY!

Happy National DAY!


littlebird said...

Tried Sim 2, the ghost are scary, lol

Miko said...

hee hee, yes the ghosts are quite scary at first but after some time, they get quite irritating because they keep scaring the sims. You play it on the computer?

SmartChic said...

i played sim 1 before, think around 4 yrs ago...

i'll like to try sims online but have to pay a subscription fees one, sianz~

my boss addicted to sims too... she even bought sims 3 pre-launching... got free tshirt and the "green diamond" thumbdrive...

littlebird said...

Yeah, they can be annoying. The sims got woke up, tire, low energy and low mood. I think you can remove the grave, then there will be no ghost.

I read online things, they said you can drown the sims to create ghost, but I don't know why anyone want to do that.

I think the graphics are okay, soso. And sometimes the way to play the games is a bit strange.

Miko said...

smartchic u should try sims 2 also. There are more funny choices to choose from and more things to try out.

littlebird, I already SOLD my gravestone! hahha. ACtually i got that gravestone from a community park. I chose to 'move it to home' then the ghost kept coming to scare me. So I sold the gravestone for $5.

littlebird said...

>_> why would you bring grave stone from park and put it at your garden, that just silly, LOL

And then you sold them too, are you tomb raider?

littlebird said...

If you like games such as sim2, then try "Animal Crossing: Wild World" (acww) in Nintendo DS.

p.s. When you start playing Animal Crossing, if you ever want to restart, 'PLEASE' think triple, coz I really regret after I restart the game.

Anyways, Animal Crossing you can play wifi. (I have not figure it out how yet) Just becareful to only let people you trust (such as me :P ) to come into your town, coz people could have go to your town and mess things up (such as stealing things, chopping trees).

Cannot choose the shape or your land.

Limited styles of look of yourself (the character)

Need wifi to have a friend come over to shop, in order to build a Salon.

Cute graphic (players/animal)

The anime (how the villagers react) is cute too.

Many things to collect, furniture, wall/floor, gadgets, etc.

Many little fun things, such as flea market, fireworks show....festival thru out the year.

Can change dress

It follow four seasons

Can wifi (just becareful of stranger)

Have much more control of the game than in sim2

If you have acww, then we can play together online. We can visit each others towns. Exchange/mail letters.

Miko said...

I will try animal crossing when I have got time since you introduced it to me! Right now, I am busy moving house. THere are so many things to pack! I have bought the game already and put it into my NDS. Once I settled down, I will take a look at it.:)

littlebird said...

Oh, one thing, what's the version of you "Animal Crossing Wild World"?
What language is in?