Monday, July 20, 2009

Rekindled Old Love

Never have I thought that I will relight my old love for him. It's like at least 7 years never seen him le. I almost forgot about him liao until he came to Singapore today.

A few days ago, my friend sent mass emails to us, the old club members, and asked if we are interested to attend the event today at Vivo City. At first, I thought I might not go because I am still a little sick and it has been so long since I last attended his event. I already forgot how crazy I used to be when I was a siao kia teenager. LOL.

Then, I thought since I am jobless and doing nothing at home, I might as well go for the event and can also see some old friends whom I did not see for years too. I am so surprised that they are still so loyal and supportive after all these years. It was great seeing them again and it was great to find back my teenage years craziness. Hahaha...

Know what I am talking about? I am talking about my super dashing, super handsome, super suave, super cool, super macho, super stylo, super man, super cannot tahan de yandaoness, super duper cute.... EKIN CHENG.

I think I blogged some time ago that I used to be an ardent fan of Ekin. I never missed his movies and I got all his albums, including the compilations. He was the first idol I had and the one that I supported loyally throughout my teenage years. LOL, those days were really cool.. Missed them so much.

Right now, everyone is talking about Ming hua yuan and their yandao xiaosheng and their nice costumes. Hahaha, how ironic, I am not watching ming hua yuan but I am queueing up to see Ekin. He is here this time to promote his new movie, Feng Yun 2, which will only be out in December. Oh my god, he is still as handsome as last time, though he has become thin. Aww, he is still sooooo cute. I can't believe that I have been his fan for 13 years. My other fans friends also can't believe time flies so fast. All of them are working now, some even married with children. LOL. Xiang dang nian, we were all 10+ years old only. Heee....

See my dearest EKIN!!!!

Awww... look at him!!! So got seh right? So stylo like that right???? We shouted, "EKIN YOU ARE TOO THIN NOW!"

He smiled and pointed to his face.. then he look at our group and told us must not watch Feng Yun 2 for only 1 time. My friend shouted," I WILL WATCH 10 TIMES!" Just like before..
I remember last time I watched Feng yun 1 for 6 times! I think he probably remembers our group because we were super loyal lor and always request funny things and make funny things for him. Like tomorrow, we requested to have a private coffee session with him and he agreed. Can't tell you where it is tho... It's at his hotel there.. :P

He has not grown long hair for a long time but because of this show, he has got his long hair back. He need his beautiful flowing hair to act as Nie Feng.. I love his long hair.. :P And also previously, he purposely grow fat for a show and now, he is so thin again! I wonder if he is just too stress.

The 2 weapons that ekin unveil during the event.


雪饮狂刀, used by ekin de:

The poster with Ekin's beautiful eyes...

I love EKIN forever!

Saw ekin de beautiful flying hair?

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