Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

I heard the news of his death rather early because KL was sending me to work that morning and we heard the news over the radio early in the morning. I was very very shock to know that he is dead. In fact it is unbelievable. Though I am not a fan of Michael Jackson, I cannot deny that I listened to his songs when I was kid too. In my impression, he is like a legend. So many fans love him! I have seen cut scenes of him having public appearances and everywhere he goes, it's always flooded with people.

When I was a kid, I was also amazed that he got his own amusement Park at home, Neverland. I though it will be so cool if I have my own amusement park too.

I am quite sad that he is really dead. Even though he has got many scandals and bad rumours, nobody can deny that he is indeed an incredible singer. He has got a very powerful voice and he got the superstar looks. Of cuz after his face got distorted, he looked terrible but I like the way he looked when he was younger and not that fair yet.

I love many of his songs. Though I am not a fan, think I mentioned it just now, I admire his talents in dance and singing. He will always be a superstar in the eyes of his fans.

Some of the songs I love~

I saw this article on MJ's life before he died. I think it's quite sad. Poor guy...

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