Friday, July 03, 2009

The way I like!

~~ That's the way ah huh ah huh~~ I like it ah huh ah huh ~~~

Please don't tell anyone but today is my last day of work. LOL. After slogging like years after my poly graduation, I have decided to take a break. A real relaxing long break. Hahaha... Please don't be jealous of me because it will mean that I am not getting any money for a few months. It's sad to be living on savings alone but that's ok for awhile. Meanwhile can concentrate on moving house... what? You don't know that I am moving? Lol.. but yah, I am moving around August or September I think.

YAY! I am going off this sunday to Macau, HK and guangzhou! Mad right? I know, at a recession period like this and a flu virus flying around, I am still going to those affected countries. But you know what? This is actually the BEST time to travel! Because everything will be going cheap. Air ticket cheap, hotel cheap.. everything discounted! Therefore, I gan gan go holiday for 9 days. Yup. I am going from 5 July to 13 July. It's cool to be able to buy air tickets on any day you want without worrying about taking leave. I just randomly selected the dates without know which day it is. I found out that it's Sunday departure and Monday Arrival. Weird dates but who cares?!

Cuz I am a free person now! And nothing matters anymore.

I will be going Disneyland and The Peak and watch the Symphony of lights. It's all going to be so super cool. I can't wait to leave!

It's been long time since I have been so excited and happy. I don't know why I am so happy about losing my job and having no income. LOL. Anyway, I am tired of working. Rest first then find another job.

Take it easy man... life is short!


Anonymous said...

Wish you a pleasant holiday and plenty of luck at the casinos!

Flying back from Guangzhou?


Miko said...

Thanks thanks.. hee hee... Yup.. i flying back from gz lor..

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip!I wish i can take some months off too.. but too bad i cant...xj

littlebird said...

Enjoy your trip!

and your treasure hunt :P

angel koh said...

bon voyage