Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eat Shit

I think you guys must have read about my friend, Henry, before right? I blogged about him a few times.

Recently, I took his "How well do you know me" test and I got 100%! Haha, I didn't know that I still know him so well or should I say that he didn't change at all. Lol.

One of his questions was very funny. It was a question which we discussed before and we laughed so much over it at that time. The question is:

If you walked along the streets 1 day and accidentally eat shit, what would you do 1st?

This is a super random question that Henry just thought of out of thin air. It's very stupid lor and I dunno what is in his brain really.

The answers we got from the various lame people includes:

1)Wipe it off

2)Look around to make sure nobody's looking, then continue eating

3)Curse and swear

4)Stop and think how the heck that happened


Hahah, damn stupid right. Apparently, my friend, Henry and Vincent, said that they will laugh and laugh non stop. Why? Because its very stupid to accidentally eat shit when you are walking along the street. How can something so random like this happen? Oh my god.

What will you do if you eat shit accidentally one day?

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