Thursday, March 26, 2009

Murder of the Bear

This cruel murder case happened in Feb but I didn't blog about it until now. Finally, I am going blog about this gruesome murder of the bear.

It was a cool night at Pasir Ris and I was with my friends. They brought out a cute bear, holding a key.....

Oooh.. wat a cute bear! Holding a key somemore. Little did he know that a great misfortune is going to fall on him....

Arrggghhh.. A knife a the back of my head!!!! I don't wanna die!

The ruthless murderer did not stop just here. They continued and hacked the bear's head into half!

Oh my god... Can you believe this?

Scraping the bloody brains and veins inside the head.

Eventually, the whole head was gone, leaving behind a bloody mess. The head was then hacked into pieces and distributed to the people there.


Kongming said...

tat cute bear...

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

oh no,....that's why i never buy cake or food or such. It's too cute to eat. Or if they are small enough I can eat them in 'one-mouth', then it's a bit more okay.

And yeah, if I buy a pinata, i will not destroy it. I probably find a way to take the candy out. Perhaps cute the bottom to take the candy out, but i don't want to destroy the whole thing. It's too cute to destroy it.