Tuesday, March 03, 2009

House Got Thief

Before I blog about the house got thief, I wanna blog about this comment from my friend, James. I came across this comment when I was reading some old posts in my blog. In that post, I only typed 2 lines. So he commented this:

in the past, people write 2 lines and expect every1 to understand, interpret and say its good poetry.


cos they dun have computer to blog thousands of characters. and paper still considered rare item back then.
those ancient people undernourished, anyhow imagine things, anyhow write things only themselves understand, forcing people to tune into their mindset and thus creating the category "poetry" where only a few undernourished people think alike.

so, write 2 lines means nothing except the writer is undernourished. no beauty at all.



Wow, I got lots of lame friends. Lol...... But James very long never visit my blog, I think he very busy also.... hmmm.

Back to the thief story.. I woke up one Sunday moring, or rather late morning and discovered that my mum is not in. The house was quiet, no sound at all. I went downstairs and saw my sister sitting alone on the sofa.

This is very strange because my sister pratically spends all her time at home either a) singing b) watching TV or c) playing games. Apparently it is very weird that she is just s
itting there doing nothing.

So I asked,"yu xian, what you doing? Why never play game?"

She ignored me.

I asked the same question again. She raised her hands and did an action of playing games with the controller and indicated that there is no controller. Apparently,
my mother has hidden the controller because she has been naughty. I told her,"go find la, lao ma not at home."

She heeded my advice and started searching....

She searched in my mum's dressing table...

and the drawers.

But she cannot find anything. I told her that she looks like a thief and I am going to take photos. They will be proof.

I didn't bother with her after that and went on to wash my face etc. When I came out, she was searching the wardrobe in my mum's room. Finally, she can't find anything in the wardrobe and she was about to give up. So I just anyhow say,"Aiyah, maybe inside the bag leh."

She searched in the bag and found the controller!!

The controller was found and my sister happily started playing.

When my mum was back, I told her our house got thief. At first she a bit shock then I showed her the photos. she found it very funny and went up to question my sis. By this time, my sister has stopped playing because she didn't want my mother to find out.

My mum ask her where is the controller and she said that she has hidden it.... Lol....

Later on my father also questioned her and she very honestly showed him that she has hidden the controller in her toy box. :)


SmartChic said...

一下子也 blog 得太多了吧?!


sHeDiCo said...

haha so funny thats very cute of her now we know she is damn scared of her dad! cos she immediately confess after your dad ask her!! wahahah interesting storyline

Miko said...

smartchic: I got alot of things to blog leh, just that I no time to blog them. so when i free i blog more lor.

Shedico: thanks thanks... last time I also got alot of stories to post, nowadays, not so many liao.

fr said...

Haha, long time no write funny thing about your sis already

Angel said...