Monday, March 02, 2009

Mung Mung and Pan Pan

A friend feedback to me that I have not been blogging about Mung Mung for some time. Wow~~ Apparently Mung mung has got fans already! I am so happy for my dearest Mung Mung.


Here is a special blog entry for mung mung and he so called good friend Pan Pan. Mung2 felt that Pan2 is his good friend but actually Pan2 doesn't really treat mung2 as friend. The reason is... mung mung always swing around and punch pan pan in the face when no one else was around.

Mung mung in the balancing act. He balanced Pan Pan, who is bigger than him, on his head. Apparently, mung mung felt very proud about it.

Mung Mung acting like a good friend to Pan Pan.

Then mung mung used Pan Pan as a cushion...


Another of Mung Mung good friend, qi zai. Qi Zai very poor thing. Recently, his leg kana burnt by cigarettes. Haiz, all these smokers very irresponsible, anyhow point their cigarettes butts. I hate smokers. By the way, notice mung mung's ear stud? I bought it for him but he lost it! I have to go find another suitable one for him.

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