Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On Sunday and Monday, I sent my eldest uncle off for his last journey. He is only 59 years old and my father's eldest brother. Unfortunately, he has got brain tumour and the operation didn't save him. He passed away last Friday. I was unable to go on Saturday cuz I have got performance so I went to the wake on Sunday.

We thought that there were alot of things for us to do and we arrive there at about 10+am on Sunday but turned out that it was an false alarm. My very kan cheong Aunt told us there were lots of things to do but we finished everything in an hour. In the end, we all went home to sleep first and come back in the evening.

At about 5pm, we went back to the funeral to be in time for the prayers. The monks came at about 6.30pm and we all did the prayers. After that, it was chit chatting time. My brother was very bored so i told him to count the wreaths. There were really a lot of wreaths there!

My brother counted a total of 76 wreaths! Later on, my cousins they all used those flowers from the wreaths to decorate the coffin. They covered the whole coffin with flowers.

My cousins, aunt and uncle. they are chit chatting and apparentlty one of my cousins was very tired....

My cousin and her mum, we call her Aunty Amy. Aunty Amy is a very funny person lor. She likes to tell us about her funny stories.

At about 10+, Huang Shi Nan came to the funeral too. He sat with my uncle and father and started talking business with them. He is always giving new ideas on how to decorate the products.

Their table.. and my mum was as usual, either complaining or gossiping. My brother is that skinny one sitting at the background. I think he likes to sit beside Huang shi nan. Lol....

Then I made fun or him and said," You pretend to sit there, you want to take photo with Uncle Shi Nan issit."

Then Huang shi nan laughed and said that,"I want to take photo with your brother leh... (turn to me bro) I want to take photo with you can?"

It was very funny lor.

Look at my brother, dunno is paiseh or what lor.

Then when I took this photo, aunty amy joined in the fun....

My aunt said that Pan Ling Ling came the other night but she didn't take photo with her. Too bad. Then my father said that Pan Ling Ling come, no one entertain her.. She very bored, in the end come talk to my father and tell him that he is very fat and getting fatter.... my god.

Huang shi nan treated us with tea. This is my cousin, Chuyun aka Shedico.

I think Shedico's father, my uncle, look like huang shi nan lor so I ask them to take photo together. I asked them why huang shi nan never inherit our family genes, short and fat. The men in the Huang family are all short and fat one but Huang shi nan was very tall. Huang shi nan said that he inherited different genes from them...

The night was long and we were all bored and tired. Huang Shi nan left at 12+am and I also left awhile after that to rest at Kanglong's home. My family all stayed at the wake and slept in the car but I didn't want to because I wanna bathe and KL stay nearby only.

My mum stayed the wake and went to sleep in the car leaving her handbag inside my father's van. The door was opened and my sister was sleeping inside. My father went to buy coffee and this careless little mistake caused my mum's handbag kana stolen!!!

How suay is that?! My mum lost her hp and her wallet and keys.. everything... haiz.. I went to get her a new sim card yday and get a new hp too. Then she also made a new IC today. Very suay. That thief also very daring. Dare to steal in a funeral. He will be cursed on lor. Heng inside not much money. Only $30.

The next morning, after prayers, it was a solemn time and my relatives were all weeping when we pray for the last time and look at my uncle for the last time. It was indeed very very sad. Huang Shi nan came again to go to the crematorium with us. I feel especially sad when I see my aunt crying over my uncle's coffin.

I didn't take many photos in the crematorium as it seems rude. My cousin did take a lot of photos though. She told me she will send them to me. I think I won't blog them cuz she will be blogging them. Please see Smartchic's blog.

PS: Smartchic say I might as well add the link here. Here it is.

This is the crematorium. You can vaguely see the coffin decorated with flowers. It was beautiful. I hope my uncle had a safe journey and can rest in peace. After all these years of fighting for money and power, it all boils down to same. Sheng bu dai lai, si bu dai qu. Finally, he can now rest in peace and leave the earthly problems to us.


david santos said...

Great posting!!!
Excellent picturs. Pretty flours. Pretty colours and good persons. Singapura is a dream.
Have a nice weekend.

sHeDiCo said...

a very good post! and very well said =)

SmartChic said...

You told ur readers to refer to my blog, do you want to add the hyperlink in your post for easy access?

Miko said...

shedico.. thanks thanks.. u haven blog?

smartchic.. I add le lah~ hahaha

sHeDiCo said...

i never even take pics haha.. too busy these days to blog nvm i have both of u all the blog liao good good

Your faithful reader said...

Update mikolah!

Miko said...

wah... who is this???!!! is it MAY TENG? Recently busy but I will update la... by this week!