Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A few weeks ago, I met up with a globe trotting girl who came to singapore for a week to tour. She contacted me from a website and asked if we can meet up and show her around. As a very free person, I gladly do so.

She is from Germany and she is a photographer. One day, she asked if she can take photos of me around my home like the void deck etc. I said ok..

She took really artistic photographs and she got her own style. I think her photos are rather depressive and she agreed. If you are interested in photography, you can go to her site at www.swetlanagasetski.com. She put up lots of photos there.

Here are 2 photos of me I copied off her site. :) Both are photos of my lower face. I don't know why but she said that she like the shape of my lips. LOL... I don't like the shape of my lips lor. In fact I don't like everything on my face!

Lana, I hope you don't sue me for putting your photos here!

This was taken at the little garden beside my block of flats.

And I think this was taken in my room. I particularly like this photo. Somehow the strand of hair look very nice! :)

Below are more photos which she gave me and I did some touchup in photoshop. :) I changed the colour, and lighten some unsightly scars on my face.

All these taken in my room...

This was taken at the block beside my block. There are some benches outside the shops so we took photos there. Lana took out this HUGE reflector to reflect the sunlight on my face. Like me, she doesn't believe in using flashlights. I totally hate flashlights.

Another photo that I like..

Lana asked me to lie down on this ping pong table! I was a bit surprised at the request but I still did it. Fortunately, nobody walked past else they will be wondering what the heck are the 2 of us doing.

End of the pingpong table shots...

I quite like the photos she took. Not much photoshop needed. I only change the colours abit and remove my scars. :) Nice right???


sHeDiCo said...

i like those pictures, i been wanting to take some makeover pics lo..

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

Nice photo ne! did you wear opera costume to take photo too?

We are so on the same page:
I "HATE" flashlights. Make things so un-natural.

Miko said...

shedico: I want to do make over too! got cheap lobang.. tell me!

cake+tea: looks like we got lots in common! lol.. I hate flash cuz everything looks ugly with it.