Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Finally, finally, FINALLY, I blogged this. Ah may has been waiting for this but I was busy. Recently, it's not because I have nothing to blog but because I was extremely busy these 2 weeks. A lot of things have happened and I am going to blog them one by one. Hopefully I don't forget anything ba...

Ok, the kukup trip was on 29 and 30 Nov, just 2 days 1 night with the COI ppl. Not everybody went though, my mum didn't go for instance.

We met up at AMK at 8am which is quite early for me, earlier than my working days, MY God de.. I was tired like hell man. Of course going holiday cannot forget my mung mung. He went with me. :D

The tedious long ride from AMK to Kukup was quite a torture.

The fierce and unforgiving sun beating down on us mercilessly as we struggly to the van with our luggages. Gosh, that feeling was... :(

Finally we arrived at Kukup.

Pontian Kukup!!! Hahaha, the chinese name was Ben Zhen lor! What the hell? I mean there are alot of translation you can use. You don't have to use that 'ben' (stupid) word. Might as well change Pontian to Stupid Jane right?

Oh yay!! We arrived at Stupid Jane!

And... oooh, what's that smell???

Hmmmm... Smells like rubbish dump.

Oh my freakin god!!! It was this!

They dumped all the rubbish into the sea and it stinks like hell!

We waited at the entrance to the kelong for awhile for the person to come pick us up.

May's son made a rare appearance here! This is May Teng's son, appearing for the first time here. His name is Jerry. Is he cute? Does he look like May Teng? I think they look quite alike lor.

Finally, after a very tired journey, we arrived at the bungalow style kelong, waiting for lunch to be served.

We were so so so hungry! Everything was wiped out within minutes.

Who is the other boy? Zhu Ying's son. Does he looks like Zhu ying? The other one is Jerry. May brought her son because she thought that Zhu ying's son can company and play with him mah.

The KTV system in the bungalow. Very lousy. The discs they have all pirated and the songs are faulty like you can't turn off the voice etc. Sian like hell leh. In the end the COI ppl sang hokkien songs for the whole day. As you know, I don't sing hokkien songs. I only sing pop songs. So I was rather sian and ended up playing with my PSP most of the time or sleeping.

HAppily singing hokkien songs. That is why, I seldom go KTV with COI ppl le cuz I don't sing hokkien songs!

I spotted some people playing mahjong. KTV and mahjong... what else? I don't play mahjong too. Never liked it and I don't wanna risk my hard earned money on something like this. :P

Very bored, I took mung mung out to take photos. Here is him trying to act like an arabian lady. :D

And this is the kelong next to ours. The water is so so so dirty!!! You know why???

Cuz all the things we pass out goes directly into the sea! Oh my freakin god again! How dirtier can this place gets? Imagine you are fishing or enjoying the scenery and suddenly a piece of shit floats by.... Epic!

Everybody looking at what? Don't tell me really got a piece of shit floating by lor....

Oh, not shit, but mudskippers. I have never seen one before so it was quite interesting to see. I guess they grew up eating human waste.

ZX spotted a snake!~ It was quite a long snake but it didn't stay there for long. It disappeared into the hole after I took this picture.

May teng singing ge zai xi very seriously. As you guys know, she already quit coi so she hasn't been singing it for a super long time. Finally today she open golden mouth and sing gzx again. However, she won't join us back. That's for sure~ Apparently, some people said that I should be happy cuz my competitors all gone liao. Mad or what? I need May around to help contribute to our pool of hair pieces one lor. So now I am the sole contributor.

I took this fantastic picture of the sunset!! Wow. I think I got potential to be photographer. Nice right????

May's son falling asleep while watching Jurassic Park.

That night we had a very BAD sleep because Mr BALA here snored like NOBODY BUSINESS! His snore was louder than the thunder and the whole room didn't sleep well because of him. Dammit. He should go to the living rooom and sleep lor.

In the end, ZY and nancy can't take it. They went to sleep in the living room. The rest in the room only caught some sleep here and there. Man, I was super tired the next morning and I kp so much at Bala. Not only me kp lor, many ppl kp at him for his super loud snore.

We are going to the Kelong to visit and buy some stuff~

Below is the stingray. This stingray, according to the locals, cannot be eaten because it has blue spots. As we know, animals with bright colours tells you thatI am poisonous, don't eat me.

This is a horseshoe crab... Look at Bala's very energetic face. That's because he slept well the night before.

On the way back to SG while waiting for the bus, 2 boys fell asleep. Then I started telling Tian they all that kids are very mah fan lor. I don't really like kids.

Zhuying tells me that if I have my own kid, I won't say that.

Hmm.. trust me lor, I will. I will scold my kid upside down for everything he does wrong and tell him to go make his own money. Therefore I think I shouldn't have kids. They are nothing but money suckers and trouble.

As May always says, I am ANTI-KIDS.

In the bus, Bala kept falling asleep.. He still got the cheek to sleep when he disturbed all of us the day before??? May keep waking him up when he fell asleep so that he will know how we felt the day before. Bala very pek cek so he tried to sit forward a bit but May still wake him up whenever he dozed off.

Haahaa.. Or bi lor.. He suffered only like 2 hours in the trip back but we all suffered the whole night of 8 hours with his thunderous snore!

Woot. What a hell lot of photos! I finally finish uploading and writing this entry. It took me like 2 days to prepare lor. My god... I still got other things to blog but not today liao.

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