Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mung Mung goes Bintan

Long time ago, yes a very long time ago, Mung Mung went Bintan but I never blog till now. I was too busy you see. So apparently, Mung Mung had a good time there. He went with his father which is the monkey king. Lol...

Monkey King obviously looked stylo mylo in his sunglasses but he still got to take a photo with Mung Mung no matter how stylo he is.

I asked him to bring mung mung along to his trip to Bintan~

Mung mung very excited as it was his first time taking the ferry and seeing the sea. I must declare that I did not force KL to bring mung mung out, I just asked him.. and he said ok. Hee hee....

It's Kang long's company trip and behind were his colleagues. Seems like most of his colleagues like Mung mung.. :)

This is the little hut of the resort which KL and mung mung stayed in. I think it's quite a nice little hut. Let's take a looky inside.

The bed looks cosy. See mung mung so relaxed on it..

Like father like son, both enjoying themselves on the hamock.

This is KL's manager and he never liked mung mung. So KL waited while his manager was asleep over there and put mung mung on the hamock with him. Apparently, he got a shock when he woke up and see mung mung by his side. Lol... yay~ mung mung has got him!

Mung mung by the sea but he can't go into it because he will get very wet and very hard to dry. The sea reminded me that it has been a very long time since I went snorkelling. I sort of miss it. Swimming with fishes and the corals is a very nice experience. I urge anyone who hasn't try it to do it. I am also considering geting a diver license next year. Lock told me that it is something a person has to do before he dies. So ya, i gonna do it.

Mung mung is underage! I don't know why the hell his father let him drink beer lor... My god.

He can only pose on the bathtub but not take a bath.

Last photo before they both leave Bintan. Mung mung had a great time there but he came back a blackish and dirty. So in the end, I had to wash him..

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Kongming said...

err... so tat mung wont get drunk easily like me?