Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Last Minute Cancellation

Have I ever mention this in my blog before? I think so. I think I did.

Yday, I was having the conversation at home with my parents. (Dammit, reached home at 12+am yday, rehearse till almost 11pm and went to take winter clothes from Susan) My mum was saying that my aunt is not coming to our place for reunion dinner tomorrow.

Me: What?! (Apparently my father already knows about it cuz he got no reaction)

Mum: Cuz your uncle need to work so they can't come.

Me: But we already bought all the ingredients. If they dun wanna come then they should inform us earlier or at least they should come without uncle. How can last minute cancel?

Father: Yah la, we bought so many things and plan that day to rush home and cook. If I know they not coming we can go out eat. Now too late to book at any restaurants.

Me: So what was your reaction when they told you they not coming? Did you give them a good thrashing and tell them don't do such stupid things again?

Mum: No la..

Father: Your mum won't do this kind of thing. I will scold them when I see them.

Me: Wah lau.. Lao ma, if I were you, I would have said something like,"What the hell?! You think you can just say you want to come then come and want to cancel just cancel? You make me buy all the things to prepare for the day and now you are telling me this? You'd better come or you DIE!"

Heck it's CNY, I will still curse.

Father: Your mum won't say that kind of thing. She will just say," ok lor.. nvm lor."


Apparently, I am not like my mum. I think I behave more like my father.

Me: I won't easily let them off like that without a good scolding lor.

Mum: Ya, I still remember that time you gave Tian a good thrash when she last minute say she can't meet you. hahah so funny.

Haiz.. I cannot tolerate people who last minute cancel appointments. I already prepared and save the time slot for you and you say you don't wanna come? I will scold that person upside down lor. I know of a few people around me who are like that so sometimes I let them taste their own medicine.

Stupid May also say wanna go GZ with me in the end she never go. I also very pekcek but since she forfeited her air ticket money, I let her off. Bala also last minute don't wanna go GZ. For him I got give a good thrashing lor but Bala is stubborn. Think he will remain like that.

That reminded me of the topic of empty promises. I think if you can't do it then don't say it. All talk no actions, what kind of loser is that?! Especially MEN. They like to talk all kinds of nonsense which they don't intend to do. Then after some time, they will remove the mask on their faces and show you what kind of shit they actually are behind those sweet talks.

Oh yah, ESPECIALLY TAIWANESE. They are good at that. All talk no actions. Like I said before. What kind of government will raise what kind of citizens. Look at Taiwan gov. Sucks lor, all talk only. So the citizens are the same. They followed the example of their government.

So now, I don't believe in anything a men or a taiwanese said. It's all crap.

Disclaimer: Don't try to flame me if there are Taiwan fans reading this. It's my personal view on things. Don't need to try to correct me or declare your love for Taiwan. Thanks!


fr said...

From your heading at first I thought cancel Iran Trip....

Hahaha, you never miss an opportunity to scold men.

Miko said...

Hahaha paiseh la... if you were me you will understand lor. Sometimes I just got that mood to type and I type and type non-stop without thinking.

Anonymous said...

take care of yourself in iran...
"the forgiven may"

Miko said...

May finally re-surfaced after being MIA for so long from my blog!

Anonymous said...

Not all men are bad lah - there are nice ones around la! xj

lao pock kah said...


-_-" = lousy

¬_¬II = better

can we have better icongraphy?

Miko said...

I will type whatever icongraphy I like!