Monday, February 18, 2008

I am back again~

I am back in Singapore in one whole piece. :)

First thing first, I want to declare that I will blog whatever I want in my blog and type whatever I want to type. Nobody will affect my decision on what to type so don't tell me what to do... If not happy then don't read lor. I didn't force you.

(recieved some nonsense msg on what to type in my blog so I think I should declare this.)

I haven't got time to do up the pictures yet cuz the internet at home is down. (dammit) So I am just writing something here first to let you guys know that I am back safely.

How was the trip? You might ask.

I want to tell everyone that it was FABULOUS!

Many will think that Iran is a war torn country and there is probably nothing much to see but that is SO SO WRONG! Iran is really a beautiful place. It looks like Turkey or Persia. The people there are fair skinned and has got dark features. In fact we agreed that the women there are very pretty. They got big round eyes and deep features. The guys are cute also. You will know what I mean if you see the photos.

We visited the snow mountain. It was SO BEAUTIFUL! It's the first time in my life to see snow and it was snowing so hard that the snow flakes were pratically hitting my face. If I stand outside, I will be covered in snow in about 2 minutes. Everyone was ecstatic to see snow and all went mad. QY went mad and threw snowballs at everyone. YH told me that she doesn't want to go back to Singapore le. She want to stay in that snow mountain forever. Hahaha.. I miss that snow mountain. So pretty... breathtakingly pretty. I didn't really walk on the thick snow cuz my shoes will get wet but I saw QY they all stomping and keep falling down the the fluffy soft, knee-deep snow. So fun~

Overall, this performance trip was better than the Indonesia and Taiwan trip. The Taiwan trip we didn't even get to go out much and there is nothing surprising to see in TW. For the Indonesia trip, we spent most of the time performing...

Think I will take some time before I can blog the photos because I am waiting for the photos from other people. They have got more photos and I didn't take any photos for first 3 days. Hopefully by this week I can get the photos.


Kongming said...

hope i got e chance to see snow also... wanna go haerbin this yr or next yr :P

fr said...

Welcome HOME! Glad to know you are in one whole piece... and not frozen and had a FABULOUS time!

Like MD, I also have not seen real snow.