Tuesday, May 02, 2006

KTV Session

Most of our performance end with a KTV session. My coi opera troupe is crazy for KTV. On Sunday, I need to go to SL for a meeting regarding the election thingy. They announced the positions distributed among the committee and I was elected to be asisstant director of Opera. The director of Opera is Susan. In chinese, 戏剧主任. Basically, I will be under susan who is in charge of all opera related issues. We also can think of new ideas and new ways to promote liyuanxi. Overall, I am happy with this position.

Then I went to the KTV session at Ghim Moh. So far, I took a cab from SL. It was teacher's treat. So nice, I think she made some money from the performance. That day, we received some token of appreciation too. Not bad right. Still got money.

DLQ decided to show me her foot also, just like in Yh's blog.

tsk tsk tsk..

Then the crazy people started dancing with teacher sang 'lang sai'

Haha.. cant see well la.. it's not really dark there but my camera cannot shoot in low lights so you can only see the shadows moving around.

Photos photos...The man in the MTV looks like Richard! Scary...

the KTV session ended at about 6pm, then the gang loiter at the void deck dunno doing what and dunno what to do. I took a very boliao clip of this scene to show everyone. Please see...

We decided to go ZQ house to eat prawn mee. His mum cooked for us. I didnt take any photos there. Very tired lah.

As usual, we chit chat, gossip, talk nonsense then May ask me if I want to go Momo. I tot I might go as I never go there before. Well that will lead me to blog another entry fully dedicated to our adventures of that night.

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