Monday, May 22, 2006


All my classes just fell beautifully into place. I dont know how it can happen but it just happened.

Ang just announced that she will rehearse on Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun.

SL singing classes will be Mon and Wed.

So gam!

Monday: SL singing class
Tuesday: Rehearsal at COI
Wednesday: SL singing class
Thursday: Rehearsal at COI
Friday: Break
Saturday: Rehearsal at COI
Sunday: Rehearsal at COI

My god.. My schedule is so pack! Guess there will be less bloggin from now. You can check my opera blog though. I just wrote a ridiculously long blog with some nonsense.

I will write about my chariy show performance today when I got time. I very tired now. After like 6 hours of rehearsal.


Kongming said...

bu hui bah!

frannxis said...

not enough leh..
one more SL Singing on Friday better..hahahahaha..

Miko said...

hahah... so anyone who want to ask me out.. ask on friday. but I might reject cuz i very tired.. this friday got date already.

Kongming said...

pls take care of ur throat