Tuesday, May 30, 2006

38 for 3 days

I have been a total 38 for 3 days... SA GANG!

It's all becuz of May lor! haiyoh... tsk tsk.. got influenced by her la.. i so duan zhuang last time, now become 38. tsk tsk... *shake head*

For the past 3/4 days, I have been seeing these COI people.. non-stop. I abit ki siao liao. Mix with this bunch of siao kias make me siao. Me and May act on stage AND off stage also. We were so crazy for our Mr Huang Bu long... But hong bu long only interested in the empress. Haiz. so sad. The emperor close one eye lor, let my hong bu long flirt with the empress. Aiyoh.. Emperor only interested in the fake MLJ. Emperor must wake up lah, keep an eye on his empress and get her to stay away from my HONG BU LONG!

Then hor. haiyoh... that dong xiang.. she xiao xiu my husband lor. I know she aim my er shao ye very long already. She want to become the concubine mah. Still young lah, wait for 5 more years when she become er ba jia ren then come ok. Now I am still er niang.. you can remain as dong xiang. I know la.. she see my er shao ye rich.. Hua xin leh, awhile like the Hua An, awhile like er shao ye...

I think u all also dunno what i talking.. never mind.

Hahaha.... We were talking about these kind of things for the past 3 gang!

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Kongming said...

5 yrs later u can promote Da Er Niang