Sunday, April 30, 2006

My job

Wanted to blog about my new job awhile ago but I have been busy blogging about opera that I forgot about it. I know I bias la.. can? Opera more interesting mah.. Now my opera blog got 30 more entries than Mikolah.. aiyoh.. last time both blogs got same number of entries.

I now working at Harbourfront. This job quite stress as there are alot of things to do. Official knock off time is 5.30pm but I seldom leave on the dot. Sian leh. But thinking of the benefits.. Well.. worth it la..

22 days annual leave
full medical coverage
$100 dental coverage
2 mths bonus + extra bonus
occasional company lunch (Just had one at hyatt hotel last week)
Nice sceneries...
5 days week

I am happy with the leave as it means I can go holidays!! yeah!

some photos..


Anonymous said...

wowow.. 22 days of leave is a lot lor !xj

Kongming said...

the 2 month ++ bonus is then alot... i only got 1... not fair... i wanna complain MOM. unfair treatment to sporeans. haha

Anonymous said...

complain to mom for what? its ur company de policy mah... xj

Miko said...

yah complain le also no use.. best is u change job lor...

frannxis said...

i also like all the benifits and the sceneries......and hahaha the majestic-looking stapler..