Wednesday, January 07, 2015


So last week this LZ asked me if wanna go her house for drinking but I am not a drinking person so I said no.

After that I remember that my mum wanted to visit my aunt who lives in Jurong so I though ok lah, since I have to pass by Woodlands when I go home, I might as well drop by for awhile.

So while at Jurong, I texted this LZ as well as another person May Teng asking which bus goes to her place.


no reply.

So I pek cek and texted many times and that if I reach Woodlands MRT and there still isn't a reply, I will go home.


no reply.



So I went home. And my mum was carrying this agar agar she wanted to give to those people and I carried some costumes to return but because this LZ never see her text, we all carried everything back.

And I am a person who simply hate carrying stuff and travelling. Absolutely hate it.

And I just did both on one day.

So that made me super uber pekcek.

Later on this LZ replied me to tell me bus number but I told her I am already home.

And that she didn't hear her phone.

But that is not my problem.

If the music is so loud isn't it common sense to put your phone on the table so you can see when it blinks? Especially when you are expecting people to come to your place wouldn't it be common sense that people will text you?


I will also use this tactic.. don't reply to anything if I don't feel like it.

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